Freeman Truly Luscious Cookies and Cream Whipped Body Lotion Review

Freeman Truly Luscious Cookies and Cream Whipped Body Lotion Review

Freeman Truly Luscious Cookies and Cream Whipped Body Lotion Review

I am back with another delectable Freeman product from the “Truly Luscious” range – the cookies and cream whipped body lotion.  The packaging is the same as for the “Chocolate and Mint Body Wash” – a milk bottle shaped plastic bottle with a fun label. Open it and you can smell Oreos – that dark, bitter cookie with the delicious cream spread in between. Now to be frank, I had high hopes from this product, being a fan of tasty smells. The description is also pretty enticing, so it was hard to arrive at my final verdict. Read on to know if it spells magical or meh for me! 😀


13.5 fl. Oz (400 ml).


I don’t recall, because I bought this and two other products together, and used a gift voucher too :/

Product Claims and Ingredients:

Silken, smooth and moisturize your skin with the decadence of cookies and cream sensations. Choc-full of good-for-your-skin botanical extracts: cocoa bean for its softening, soothing and firming benefits, plus macadamia oil for its nourishing and moisturizing benefits. Indulge.


How To Use:

Apply liberally while massaging into the skin and while it smells good enough to eat, it is not. Please do not eat “Truly Luscious.”

Now, that’s what I call good marketing 😀 what a description, and with the funny disclaimer again!

The product claims to have cocoa bean which soothes and firms skin – I can clearly see that there really wasn’t much of a difference in terms of the firming :/ my skin’s the same as before and I have been using it for a while now.

In addition, it doesn’t seem whipped at all compared to The Body Shop whipped lotions – the texture is neither thick nor thin and is slightly runny and not as luxurious as I had imagined it to be! One of the disadvantages of shopping online, I guess :/

Also, the fragrance does not stay on for too long, whereas in The Body Shop body butters that I have used, it lasts throughout the day, if not longer. It’s kind of like buying an ordinary Nivea or some other brand lotion with the added Oreos scent. I usually keep it in the fridge, so it feels nice when I apply it and since it’s not thick, I use it even now in the summer. It does moisturize well, so it’s not a complete dud or anything. Still, not as spectacular as it claimed

Here’s how the lotion texture is:

Swatch 1

It’s good as a light moisturizer, but nothing special. Also, the packaging again annoys me because the large opening makes more product come out, which uses it up faster and the flip open top gets annoying.

To summarize:

Pros of Freeman Truly Luscious Cookies and Cream Whipped Body Lotion:

  • Delicious fragrance,
  • Provides light moisturization.

Cons of Freeman Truly Luscious Cookies and Cream Whipped Body Lotion:

  • Packaging could be better.
  • Not at all whipped in consistency; slightly runny.
  • Not a long-lasting fragrance.
  • Does not provide intensive moisturization as portrayed.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase Freeman Truly Luscious Cookies and Cream Whipped Body Lotion?

Nah 😛 giving this a miss.

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7 thoughts on “Freeman Truly Luscious Cookies and Cream Whipped Body Lotion Review

  1. Looks attractive ,…. to bad it didnt work,….im not too impressed with their body products either ,….got the 2 in 1 blackberry bodywash and not impressed at all

  2. omgg!!! i guess you totally fell for the name. actually anyone would have. 😛 😛 i think i am kinda getting used to the sight of these simple packaging by this brand. sad it wasnt that great. 🙁

    1. Haha yup I totally did. Like I said, the perils of online shopping! 😛 😛 The chocolate brown sugar body scrub is awesome though, coming up next 😀 and the body wash I reviewed earlier.

  3. I am drooling over it IN SPITE of knowing that it isn’t all that great. The things a name can do to you! 😛
    I still want to buy this. Stupidity or stubbornness i dunno. Cookies and cream – drool! 😀
    Good review, Nandini 🙂

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