Freeman Superfruits Revealing Peel-off Facial Mask Review

Freeman Superfruits Revealing Peel-off Facial Mask Review

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Freeman Superfruits Revealing Peel-off Facial Mask Review

I am going to review a face mask that I have been using for a while now – it’s the Freeman Superfruits Revealing Peel-off Facial Mask, with Mega 8 complex (whatever that means ;P )


4 Euros for 150 ml – not bad huh?

Product Description:

It is supposed to combat the effects of stress and it ‘Purges +fortifies for clear skin. Rest of the description, see below:

Peel  off mask 1


It comes in a plastic tube, like most Freeman masks with a white plastic flip-top cap. Its quite simple and no-fuss. It is a nice, perky, lime green tube with pictures of fruits on it – instantly brightens up my mood.

Peel off mask 3

My Experience with Freeman Superfruits Revealing Peel-off Facial Mask:

I generally prefer to use clay-based masks because my skin is oily. However, I have heard a lot and read a lot about easy peel-off masks that cleanse the skin and draw out impurities. So, when I saw it at the store, I thought of giving it a try. I have been using this off and on almost every week for the past 4 months whenever I have had a long day outdoors.

This is a bluish transparent gooey thick liquid that takes some work to spread evenly on the face. The liquid is so thick that sometimes I find myself tugging at my skin when trying to spread it evenly on my face and if you take 5 seconds to switch channels with your remote before spreading this on your face, then God help you! It dries up at the speed of light!

Peel Off Mask 4

The mask dries up very quickly which is a plus! However, I find that it doesn’t peel off easily or in one go. I have to rub at the edge of this mask a few times to peel it off and unless you apply a really thick layer of it, you will find it difficult to peel it off. It doesn’t peel off very neatly either, even after peeling it off, teeny tiny crumbs and pieces are left on my face and I have to wash it off.

Peel Off mask 5

Peel off mask 6

Peel off mask 7

So, to summarize – application and peeling off are quite cumbersome:

Effects: Well, after washing it, I do feel some freshness on my face, but I don’t get that deep cleansing or nourishing effect that other masks give. I just feel like I have washed my face with a strong cleanser (like the Clinique cleanser). It does not add any glow to the face and that’s not what it claims, but I still expect some glow after making the effort of applying a mask.

What it does is successfully take out the oiliness from my face for a while, but only temporarily.

So, I would say this acts more like a cleansing facial wash rather than a deep cleansing mask.

Pros of Freeman Superfruits Revealing Peel-off Facial Mask:

  • Takes out oiliness from my face successfully and cleans face nicely.
  • Pleasant fruity fragrance.
  • as never broken me out.

Cons of Freeman Superfruits Revealing Peel-off Facial Mask:

Unfortunately for me, there are more cons than pros:

  • Very thick gooey texture that is really difficult to spread on the face.
  • Dries very quickly once squeezed out of the tube.
  • Does not have long-lasting effects of freshness or preventing oiliness.
  • Does absolutely NOTHING for the blackheads though its a peel-off mask, which is a huge con for me!
  • When I use this in winters, my skin feels very stretchy and dry.
  • Very difficult to peel off unless you apply a very thick layer of the product – which in itself is a con because the thicker the layer, the harder it is to spread it on the face. It also leads to a lot of wastage.
  • The tube is pretty big and not travel-friendly.

In short, it does nothing that a good facial cleansing foam cannot do.

IMBB Rating:


Do I Recommend Freeman Superfruits Revealing Peel-off Facial Mask?

Not unless the world runs out of facial cleansers! Stay away from this one if you don’t want to waste your time.

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  1. oh god what a dud.. btw i was wondering if you have checked the manufacturing date of the product. May be it got soo thick because it was an old product. I am just thinking out loud. since most freeman masks have decent reviews, i was expecting this to be good as well until i read the long list of cons. 😐

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