Freida Pinto at Salvatore Ferragamo Women’s Resort 2012 Collection

I am not a huge fan of Freida Pinto but I think she looks pretty here. I loved the blue smokey eye makeup concentrated totally on the upper lid.

Makeup Breakdown

Eyeshadow Recommendation :Cover your lids with black gel liner and apply MAC Deep Truth eyeshadow all on top of it. Soften the harsh edges with a fluffy brush and finish off with a black mascara. Apply medium brown eyeshadow very close to the lower lash line to complete the look.

You can also mix the blue and green eyeshadow of the Lakme Peacock Eyeshadow Quartet

Blush Recommendation : Colorbar Just Earth blush.

Lipstick : Colorbar Full Finish Longwear Lipstick Tempt Me

Lip Liner : Maybelline Lip Pencil in 650 Choco Pop

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You like? 🙂
freida pinto

freida pinto

Salvatore Ferragamo Presents Women's Resort 2012 Collection at James B. Duke Mansion - Inside

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50 thoughts on “Freida Pinto at Salvatore Ferragamo Women’s Resort 2012 Collection

  1. i dint like her dress :yuck: , make up also okish 😐 , not great when compared with other celebrities :sidefrown:

      1. i dont know, maybe it gets biased based on our liking towards the person, and i thou somehow dont like her only….. 😛

  2. I liked it… very nice and simple- like when you have some day time event or something to go to…. I liked her dress too.. and also the other chick’s dress!!!

  3. Liked her makeup! and she looks cute….

    I have one question for you Rati…..

    What can be used on eyelid to avoid creasing….I mean some eye shadows apply nicely, but within minutes they become light and get settled into lines on the eyelids. Then by the time evening rolls actually settles above the black eyeliner on the eyelid.

    Usually I apply face primer all over….I also rub on my eyes….since it can save me a step from applying separate eye primer…..I also run my brush on the eyes when I apply face foundation and powder….I thought by that time eye is ready to accept makeup….

    Thanks in advance….

    1. i use mac painterly paint pot.. even mac paints are fab! i thought you’d already know this since you seem quite fond of eyeshadows. 🙂

      I think Neha here finds that painterly paint pot tugs her eyes so you can try both paints and paint pots. work excellent as eyeshadow base!

      you can even try soft ochre paint pot.

  4. i like her…she is looking nice…..
    and i dont know why i keep commenting on the dress part…isnt it like a scarf wound around neck….or a coverup over a bikini :shutmouth: :shutmouth: :shutmouth: :shutmouth:

  5. aaw so chic n pretty !!! luvd it !!! n yups .. u can wear a big scarf like tht … had learned it from michelle phan on utube . . . 🙂

      1. OMGG!! tinkerbell you so funneee… 😛 😛

        now I am also seeing it like a scarf only.. i so liked that dress but now I am stuck with the scarf feeling :pissedoff:


  6. The makeup looks quite elegant and the blue eyeshadow is a nice touch! This kind of midnight blue shade seems quite in vogue I think 😀 She is so young..I wish she would experiment more with colors and shades when it comes to makeup! Printed top and white fitted skirt would make a lovely combo but something is not quite right there..maybe the waist line or fitting..i dont know ?:)

  7. To be honest-I do not like her at all 🙁 what is it that people find so good looking in her?? and in the 1st pic I think those are 2 large pimples on her forehead 😀 overall dislike :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug:

    1. I had not noticed those pimples at all, good observation!! Me too do not like her, very lanky figure and loose fitting clothes ! :tongue:

  8. hehehehehe-did you see the post here on Shilpa shetty and Malaika!!! OMG !! I was oggling at their attires!!!!! :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:

        1. heeheeheehee yaaa-see its all normal-but when it happens to stars we say-oh no! SHE HAS PIMPLE!!!! Hehehe :laugh: :laugh:

  9. I liked her makeup a lottttttt simple yet gorgeous :woot:
    she is luking sweet in 1st pic
    but i didnt like her dress at alll – it’s like she wore a knee length summer frock and den wore a skirt on top of it :stars:

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