Fresh Look Colorblends Amethyst Contact Lens Review

Fresh Look Colorblends Amethyst Contact Lens Review

From the time I started reading Neha’s posts on colored lenses, I wanted to try them, but I was skeptical and I wasn’t sure if colored lenses would suit my dusky skin tone.  This time I was very sure that I should go for a colored one and I did take a pair of colored lenses from FreshLook.  I’m narrating my experience here, for you gals. Read on:


Product Description:

Monthly disposable contact lenses for dark and light eyes.  Colorblends 3-in-1 Technology allowed Ciba Vision to mix three tints in one Amethyst colored contact lens and therefore to provide customers with beautiful but still very naturally looking contact lenses. These contacts are designed for people, who need a realistic effect as well as noticeable change in looks.  Every Amethyst colored contact lens offered by Freshlook Color Blends is blended with hazel just around the pupil and charcoal on the outer edge of the lens. The range of available colors consists of Blue, Honey, Green, Gray, Turquoise, Brown, Amethyst, Hazel and Sapphire.

Amethyst contact lens 2

Freshlook Color Blends Amethyst colored contact lenses can be worn for a month or 30 times occasionally as long as they are properly maintained and taken care of.

Amethyst contact lens 3


Rs.995 for a pair.

My Take on Fresh Look Colorblends Amethyst Contact Lens:

I had always used the normal lenses from FreshLook and was aware of the quality of the lenses. I always had problems with Baucsh & Lomb.  The Fresh Looks lenses are soft like petals and comfortable for a 10-12 hours wear.

Amethyst contact lens 4

Now coming to the color.  I picked amethyst because I found the other shades would not compliment my skin tone. You may see reviews by Neha on shades like Green, Brown, Hazel on IMBB.  People with lighter skin tones will rock such shades, but I had to be choosy to pick a shade for me. I decided to go for darker looking shades and I liked the shade “Amethyst.” It has purple with hazel blended around the pupil and grey around the edges. Its like a 3-in-1 shade.  The inner side looks lighter and the outer side looks dark.

Amethyst contact lens 5

When I wear them on my eyes, it doesn’t look exactly purplish black, but a sort of purple hint with hazel. For almost 26 years, I have seen my eye pupils as black and when I saw myself with the colored lenses, for a moment, I felt like an alien creature 😛 but after a while, I got accustomed.  Now, I’m liking my colored lens more than the normal plain ones. Its always nice to see some change, though they may not be significant.

Amethyst contact lens 6

Amethyst contact lens 8

I expected a deep black –purple, but it turned out to be little lighter, however, not making me look odd. Happy on that note 🙂

You can see the color of my eyes with the lens, under different lighting.

Amethyst contact lens 9

Amethyst contact lens 10

I wore the lenses around 6 in the morning and spent full 10 hours in front of the computer. I wore it for nearly 12 hours and I did not have any discomfort.  I felt like I had no lens in my eyes. But girls, always remember to carry a mini bottle of your lens cleaning lotion and a lens case for emergencies.

Amethyst contact lens 12

What I Like about Fresh Look Colorblends Amethyst Contact Lens:

  • Soft petal like lenses.
  • Various shades available.
  • Doesn’t overshoot like Bausch and Lomb after 7-8 hours.
  • Easily wearable.

What I Do Not Like about Fresh Look Colorblends Amethyst Contact Lens:

  • Over priced than the normal plain ones.
  • Most of the available shades would suit lighter skin tones.
  • I wish they had trial packs to see which color would suit best.

IMBB Rating:


Overall Verdict:

These fresh looks lenses are petal soft and very comfortable to wear for long hours. I started loving colored lenses after Neha’s posts and her EOTDs with these amazingly beautiful lenses. These colored lenses are available in a range of shades. Do pick the right one that would suit your skin tone and have fun wearing them.

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Ciba Vision FreshLook ColorBlends Green Contact Lens
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Ciba Vision FreshLook ColorBlends Pure Hazel Contact Lens
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Ciba Vision FreshLook ColorBlends Honey Contact Lens
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18 thoughts on “Fresh Look Colorblends Amethyst Contact Lens Review

  1. I have all the wearable shade but this one i am not confident yet *cry*
    love this range over bausch and lomb

  2. one word….WOW!!! *drool*
    and it looks really nyc….when i started said purple and i was expecting an alien and horrific color 😛 ..but to my amusement *shock* looks so kewl…. *clap*

    1. hahahah..alien color.. 😛 😛 😛
      i thought the same wen i wore it first..butnow i mliking it.. 🙂 *thankyou*

  3. Hey Rama this shade is pretty *woot* i had green ones and they look very very natural *pompom* *pompom* *pompom* try that next if you like that shade… it was dual-toned.. and looked almost like real eyes *hifive*

  4. Looking very nice Rama….I want to try contact lens, but I am not sure about the power, I have to get my eyes tested first *happydance*

    1. jomol, u shud try them…dey are osm..and lots of shades to pick..just tat u got to pick the ryt shade tat wud suit u.. 😀

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