Fresh Line Nectar Nourishing Lip Therapy Review, Swatch


Ingredients :
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My Experience with Fresh Line Nourishing Lip Therapy
I get attracted to all things organic and natural. Especially while travelling I like to try out the local things. I saw this range of skincare in Greece as well but actually picked up two things during my trip to Russia. This lip balm is actually a honey lip balm. If you know me I am not the biggest honey fan. I think I got attracted to the sunshine yellow packaging while making payment for other products.  It’s only later that I realised that it is a honey flavoured lip balm.

It is by far one of the most amazing,effective and nourishing lip balms I have used. I am literally annoyed with myself that I did not pick more of these. These come in other variants as well.

It is a 99% natural lip balm with main ingredients being castor oil, beeswax, honey, and organic shea butter. It is a clear lip balm with light honey fragrance. I totally don’t mind it. It feels light on lips. I have used it on worst lip days and even on days when my lips had some painful cracks, this healed my lips overnight. I use it very regularly but I especially use it when my lips are crying for help.

The packaging is simple and pretty. Love the golden yellow color of the case. It is a twist-up balm. It does not feel waxy or cakey on lips. The texture is just light balmy. It feels very hydrating on lips. It sinks in the lips within half and hour or so and leaves the lips very soft and plumped.

Overall, if you do find these during your travels definitely give these a try. You’d find these at most greek pharmacies and some European beauty stores.The price is a steal.
The only con is the availability esp in this part of the world.
Rating :4.8/5. freshline-nectar-lip-balm freshline-nectar-lip-balm-review-2 SwatchD84A7527

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4 thoughts on “Fresh Line Nectar Nourishing Lip Therapy Review, Swatch

  1. That sounds like a miracle drug! Will definitely keep an eye out for it.

    I hate it when this happens – when you buy something in single piece coz you are just trying something new. And then it turns up to be amazing and you have no way of procuring more of it!!

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