Fresh Ones Fruit Fresh Wet Wipes Review

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Today I’ll be reviewing another variant of the Fresh Ones Wipes. I love their wet wipes! They are my favorite as they do their job pretty well and they smell amazing! I tried almost all of their wipes and I have loved them all! So let’s get started with an in-depth review of this one!

Fresh Ones Fruit Fresh Wet Wipes (1)

INR 75 for 20 Wipes

My experience with Fresh Ones Fruit Fresh Wet Wipes:

Whenever I go to my favorite Beauty shop, I’m always looking for a new variant of these wipes to try on. I use up these wipes really quickly due to the sudden bout of summer season that Mumbai is having! What caught my attention while roaming around the store was its bright Red packaging. I like the packaging because the color cheers me up instantly. Apart from the color, the packaging is very basic with a seal to open and close that helps in preserving the moisture of the wipes.

They smell amazing!! The fragrance is fruity, and I love such fragrances, so no problem for me. Even with the seal closed, you can smell the delicious fruity smell of the wipes. I keep these in my makeup pouch and the fragrance refreshes me even if I just open the pouch! The wipes are white in color and are thin and soft. These wipes remove the makeup very well. With one swipe 80-90 % of the makeup can be removed. With 2-3 swipes, the face is clean! These wipes are very gentle to the skin and do not irritate the skin, even when rubbed hard. They do not even dry out the skin.

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I’ve used them for removing my lipsticks and my lips never felt dry. Also, the wipes don’t leave a bitter taste on my lips. Some of the wipes I used earlier, left a horrible taste after wiping, but these do not do that and I’m so happy with this fact. There’s hardly a thing about these wipes that can be listed as a con. I love it so much! And 75 bucks for good quality 20 wipes won’t burn a hole in your pocket! Summing up the pros and cons.

Fresh Ones Fruit Fresh Wet Wipes (3)

Fresh Ones Fruit Fresh Wet Wipes (4)

Pros of the Fresh Ones Fruit Fresh Wet Wipes:

  • Packaging!
  • Soft wipes that don’t irritate the skin
  • Refreshing fruity fragrance
  • Removes dirt, oil and makeup
  • Gives you a fresh and clean feeling
  • Really affordable

Fresh Ones Fruit Fresh Wet Wipes (6)

Cons of the Fresh Ones Fruit Fresh Wet Wipes:

  • Sensitive noses might find the fragrance to be a con

Fresh Ones Fruit Fresh Wet Wipes (7)

IMBB Rating:

Final Verdict:
I love it so much and I recommend it to you for sure!! I have repurchased them and will keep doing so!

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  1. That’s a good product for the price specially for emergency uses and when we are travelling. But, I don’t know why I never see these around. :/

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