Fresh Ones Refreshing Deo Wipes In Valencia Review

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Summers are taking a serious toll on my skin. The sudden change of climate from cold to hot and humid has given me an even more troubled skin. It is so because, I have shifted base from one of the hilly areas in Northern India to the opulent Mumbai City. Though I like the city and I am still settling down in my new house, I somehow miss the small lush green hilly town where I was born and brought up, but I guess life is about moving on. So let’s move on to the review. It is about wet wipes. I always carry wet tissues in my handbag while leaving the house. I have been using Kara wet wipes for I don’t even remember how long, and this time when I went to the super market, I saw the vibrant yellow pack inviting me to pick it up. Read on further to know how it fared on me.

Fresh Ones Refreshing Deo Wipes In Valencia

Product Claims: Fresh Ones Valencia wipes are an expression of delicate and beaming fragrance , is reminiscent of a seaside stroll, where the ocean breeze whispers of distant flowers and sun bathed sand. Lingeringly floral, slightly foxy, starts off green then bursts into floral . The ultimate theme of nature in your daily life to keep you refreshed at all the times.

Fresh Ones Refreshing Deo Wipes In Valencia Claims

Price/ Content: INR 35 for 10 wipes

My Take on Fresh Ones Refreshing Deo Wipes In Valencia:

The wet tissues comes housed in a bright yellow coloured plastic pouch which has the same coloured flip open the covering. You can pull out the tissue and stick it back so that the other wet wipes retain their moisture. Since it is only a 10 piece pack, it is very easy and light to carry around. The wet wipes are white coloured, self printed sheets.

Fresh Ones Refreshing Deo Wipes In Valencia Flap

Fresh Ones Refreshing Deo Wipes In Valencia Opening

These are non abrasive and do not feel scratchy despite the design. These wet wipes are not soakingly wet but are just wet enough and work fine on removing the dust and grime while travelling, or giving that refreshing feeling post wiping the face.

Fresh Ones Refreshing Deo Wipes In Valencia Wipes

These wet tissues don’t lather and give a squeaky clean feeling to the face. These exude a very faint smell and I was expecting the other way round since these are deo wipes. So I expected the fragrance to be a bit loud, but I was wrong. The fragrance is mild but a bit soapy which some may not like. However, there was no irritation, no rashes and no aggravation of the existing zits. I even tried removing my make up with these when I returned home after a long day and I must say I was impressed. Though it took 3-4 swipes for the make up to come off but eventually, the entire thing was on these deo wipes.

Fresh Ones Refreshing Deo Wipes In Valencia Collage

For reference I have used the Loreal Volume Million Lash Mascara, Colorbar Crème Touch Lipistick, Maybelline Liquid Liner Pen and Faces Eye pencil. You can see that after the third swipe my hand looks squeaky clean. Though it is not recommended that you take off make up with these wet wipe, it is advisable to sincerely follow the CTM routine before hitting the bed.
Summarising the pros and cons,

Pros of Fresh Ones Refreshing Deo Wipes In Valencia:

• Bright yellow coloured packaging which will add vibrancy to your handbags.
• Made up of non scratchy material.
• Helps to remove make up in case of emergencies.
• Makes skin feel fresh in a single swipe.

Cons of Fresh Ones Refreshing Deo Wipes In Valencia:

• I find the fragrance to be a bit soapy.
• These are not over drenched wet wipes which some may like.
• Product claims are a bit too exaggerated.

IMBB Rating: 3.85 out of 5

Will I Repurchase/ Do I Recommend Fresh Ones Refreshing Deo Wipes In Valencia?
Hmmm, you may try it for a change, at the price these won’t hurt much. I won’t repurchase as I am looking for yet another bright packaging 😛

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