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Priti Asks:

I want to ask you about hair care. I am using dove nourishing oil care conditioner and shampoo and using olive oil, coconut oil for hair and matrix smooththerapy hair mask once in week and follow it with loreal smootharapy serum this is my hair routine , but I dont get result like smooth frizz free hair. My hair is like “sukhaghass” I was not doing straightening curling anything ever and dont want to do please help me to make my hair smooth silky and frizz free.


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  1. Try hot oil massages . Put lukewarm (not hot else u will end up burning ur scalp) oil on ur head and massage for 10 mins. After an hour, take a towel soaked in hot water, squeeze it well and wear as a turban for 10 mins. Do this process 2-3 times then wash your hair as u always do. Do this once a week. U will definitely notice the difference in your hair texture. Cheers!

  2. Hi Priti…..i blv you have given enuf of chemical doses to your hair,,,,and its reacting badly…..go with some nice hot coconut oil+olive oil hair massage….after that wrap your hair with a towel dipped in hot water and squeezed…keep it for 1/2 hour and wash your hair with a nice shampoo….for my hair i use Loreal Nutri gloss…….
    apart from this u can make use of 1 tbsp methi powder,1tbsp ritha powder,1tbsp amla powder make a paste like consistency with water and warm the paste..applt this paste on dry hair keep for 1/2 hour and wish it off with water..ritha is a natural soap,,,,methi will add luster..amla for strength….

    i hope this helps

  3. Dear Priti, der can be various reasons for inducing fizz. However the most common tips i could provide is
    1. avoidance of shampoos that have sulfates on them.
    2. using hot oil treatments as advised earlier by richa and falak above.
    3. not rubbing hair with towel whilst drying it. hope this helps.. :))

  4. Curd is an excellent softner for hair… I use it every week… 🙂
    Oil your hair at night and before shampooing your hair the other day mix 1 tbsp of powdered methi into 4-5 tbsp of curd depending on your hair length and apply it on your scalp covering every single hair strand… leave it for 30-40 mins and then shampoo as usual… use conditioner afterwards… :toothygrin:
    Otherways, if you do not oil your hair a day before… :sidefrown: add a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil to the curd itself… That will do wonders :pompom:
    Hope this helps… This has never failed me… :happydance:

  5. Don’t use hair masks and all week wise..Its good to do a hair spa once in a month not more than that… When U use a shampoo try to use the conditioner of the same one so as serum..different products at the same time is not advisable. Try not to shampoo your hair always…
    For Home Prep of Hair oil:
    Products needed: coconut oil,
    a hand full of fresh clean Curry leaves

    Heat coconut oil in a pan and add curry leaves to it and slowly swirl the oil till the curry leaves are fried(note: oil color changes)

    Allow to cool

    After that separate the leaves from oil and store it in a tight bottle…You can use it for ur hair care.If you don’t want spend too much time preparing oil, u can use castor oil too
    Its really best for your hair…If you want to use a shampoo everyday, make sure you use a mild shampoo

  6. Priti..Your Query will be helpful for me too..!! I used to have enviable Crowning Glory..but thats once upon a time.. :waaa: So much so that made me eligible for a nick name “Shempu” in school :haanji: Even now after of my school frnds call me “Shempu Aunty” :toothygrin: But have lost it considerably..Courtesy : Changing the place + Non-oiling for 3 yrs for controlling dandruff.. 😐 Mine is also frizz-ing now:smug: But I have started oiling on shaft of hair again & googling & trying various hair masks which include eggs/curd/honey/vinegar/banana/avocado. Slowly the texture is improving..espl after egg becomes quite shiny & frizz is tammed. And one product which helps me instantly is Matrix Biolage Smoothing Serum. Just 2-3 drops on damp hair & it makes ’em edibly (?) adorable.. :pigtail:

  7. dear . I thnk loreal serum n matrix mask clashing wd ech othr. .try using serum mask f single brand. .it wl help . Pakka.. .i hav read dis . . Same brand stf r designd 2 work wd each othr effctivly . .skip EGG hair pack. .it gve brittle hair if u hav protein rich diet. .use mashd banana /honey/mayonise pack. .itz awsme. .u wl LOVE it

  8. thanxxxxxxxxxx!!! :puchhi: a lot my imbb frdsss… tahnx a lot 4 ur valuable answer.. and dear i love to follw ur views…. ones again thanxxxxxxxxxxx dear lol :yahoo:

  9. I have hair that dries to a frizz, so I have tried many things. One routine that works is:
    1. Towel dry your hair straight after shampoo conditioner (I try to use sulphate free)
    2. Use either Moroccan oil (if you can get that) or pure almond oil (much less smelly than coconut) to rub into towel dried hair, but do not coat your scalp as this will just be a greasy mess. Use very little oil, it should not show as a shiny grease ball! The oil will also help your hair dry faster.
    3. Use a large round brush and hair drier to dry your hair. It is really good to wait till your hair is at least 70% dry as you will use less time and energy to dry hair, especially if it is very long.
    4. YOU ARE DONE! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    This method really works for me and the no frizz hair lasts for days (I am in a very dry climate, not humid at all).
    If you are suffering humid climate, I suggest reapplying the oil as necessary very lightly, or even just running the round brush and hair drier on dry hair very quickly to re-flatten the hair.
    HTH 🙂
    😀 Aruna

    1. Aruna…That Oil thingy works for me too. I take just a drop of Olive Oil..mix it with water & gently rub into damp hair..& does the trick.. :yahoo: leave-in conditioners they use sum kinda light oils & creams only. But I try to stay away frm Dryers & Straighteners as I feel too much heat will damage the texture of my hair. Use ’em for speshal occasions only..that too after applying Heat Protectant.. 🙂

  10. me too used to have this prob
    stop overshampooing.. natural scalp oils solve 50% of the problem
    do hot oil treatment…just dumping oil wont work..u got to steam it
    as everyone said try to use products that compliment each other…

  11. I believe John Frieda has a vast range of products to tackle frizzy hair. You could look up their site for more info. The John Frieda secret weapon is one such leave in cream/conditioner for frizzy hair which I believe works wonders. I have not tried it personally but hv read numerous reviews about it.

  12. hey!
    my mom too has fought frizz for a long time. recently she tried keratin treatment – she says her hair has since been extremely manageable. they have not lost their wavy texture but the frizz is gone. also she said she’s facing less hair breakage.
    may be worth a try if all else fails?

  13. hi girlies…can anyone help me in finding moroccon oil in mumbai?? Im on a lookout for past 3 months 🙁

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