Fruit Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Weight loss is the buzzword these days. You can see how everyone around you is busy reducing weight but many of us try unhealthy ways of reducing weight. So, how about going for it in a completely healthy way? You can try the fruit weight loss plan as it will help you reduce weight in a healthy manner. Fruits will help you to feel fuller for long and will also increase water content in your body, thus removing unnecessary toxins from your body. So, let’s have a look at the fruit diet plan for weight loss.

Fruit Diet Plan for Weight Loss



Start your day with some water or fluid rich fruits. You can consume watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe. These are extremely rich in water content and will help your body flush out the toxins. Such fruits will also strengthen your body from inside and thus you won’t feel any stress in your body.


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Lunch is the time when you need to consume fruits that make you feel full. Because if your stomach feels empty then your mind will focus towards cravings and you will indulge yourself in overeating. Thus, the best thing during lunch is to have wholesome fruits like papaya, pears and apples.



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This is the time when you can feel a bit hungry but you should not overeat. Thus, have some light and easy breezy fruits like grapes, berries, strawberries etc. This will curb your hunger pangs and keep you fresh at the same time.


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And finally, it’s dinner time. By this time your body is ready with the fruits consumed the entire day. This is the time to stay light yet eat good food so that your body is not starving throughout the night. You can consume a glass of your favorite fruit shake without any sugar. Or you can eat any fruit of your choice. You can have a nice fruit salad for dinner.

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