Full Body Massage at Kesariya, The Sansha Spa Jaipur

kesariya the sansha spa jaipur

Spas have been the last priority in my life always. If I could I would do everything on my own. But you know now I have decided to let go a bit and indulge myself a bit in the Spas. After we are IMBB and we need to know about the best beauty treatments around. 😉

On my recent trip to Jaipur, I got a Body Massage (Sansha Spa,Choki Dhani) and  Facial(Taj Jiva Spa, RamBagh Palace) done. This is the review of the Body Massage that I got done at the Sansha Spa, Chokhi Dhani.

The appointment started with a few hiccups. There was work going on at the property so there was no hot water available at the spa. This meant that after the body massage, I had to come back to the room and take shower. 😐

Anyway, the Sansha Spa is located in the rear corner of Chokhi Dhani. I opted for the much needed basic full body massage. The super sweet masseur led me to the massage room. It was a very basic room but looked super calming and soothing. There was a calm music playing in the background.

The best part was the masseur was very professional and she made me super comfortable within minutes of starting the treatment.

The Body Massage started with light head massage with mildly fragrant aroma oils. And then followed by a full body massage. It was a 60 minute treatment. After the massage, the masseur led to a steam room. I loooved sitting there for a few minutes. Towards the end of the treatment wiped my body clean with warm towels but I had to come back to the room with oily hair. It was a very very relaxing experience. I don’t know if it was just me but I felt quite liberated after the massage. My whole body felt so toned and relaxed. I really have no clue why I have delayed my Spa Experiences for so long.

The masseur thanked me with a smile and was sweet enough to show me around and tell about the different therapies that they do that the spa.

I would have loved if they had offered me tea at the end of refreshment. And I wished there were no water problems. I would have also loved some candles in the room. The masseur was fantastic and my experience was good.

I would give it a 3.5/5

Price : Rs 2500/- approx

Sansha Spa is located at various places in india. You may check out their website HERE

Since this is my first Spa review, I would love to hear what all info you would need in a Spa review. So before I post my next one, I would be able to include the required details. 🙂 

kesariya the sansha spa jaipur



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18 thoughts on “Full Body Massage at Kesariya, The Sansha Spa Jaipur

  1. My hubby introduced me to body massages last yr and since then I have got hooked on them… in india we had membership at one of the leading spa’s n would go for full body massages atleast one in two months and it definitely helps in reducing body aches n relaxing the mind a lot. I feel the experience all depends upon the specialist who is assigned to you since my experience has been different everytime..there is no consistency 🙁
    Over all the ambience really looks nice of Kesariya

    1. I guess I would also be hooked to it now Parita. Spas are going to be my thing from now on. lolll!!! I agree. I felt awesome after the experience and I agree it was totally a masseur’s game. If the specialist is not nice, you’d never enjoy the experience. It was a decent ambiance. 🙂

  2. Wow….this looks so good…..you had the shirodhara also done na? The thought of spa is so relaxing. I had the ayurvedic 6-day massage therapy done before marriage and it was so good. They used to massage with different types of oils and I enjoyed shirodara the most 🙂

    P.s. Rati pls calls 🙂

      1. Hey Parita, in Shirodhara, they make you lie down on the wooden bed with an earthen pot hanging above your head. The pot is filled with oil and that oil is made to flow down your head and hair in a regulated flow from right to left and then from left to right. It is very relaxing and different oils are used for different kind of treatments. Like for dandruff, certain oils are used and for headache and other conditions, certain other oils are used. End result – super relaxing. However, shirodhara’s effect is seen when you take it over a course of 7 or 10 days 🙂

        1. I got a shirodhara once at some stupid place in Delhi and they used some stupid goop like oil which took me 3 washes to get rid of 🙁 and the smell was horrible!

  3. Ooooh this reminds me I have to go for one soon! The overall ambience and pics look so plush and luxurious Rati! We keep visiting Rajasthan and esp Choki Dhani at least once a year – have to try this at least once esp after reading your review. My fav massages have been at Thailand though – I am not someone who likes to slather oil and other gunk on my body for massages, I love dry body massages without oil where they just stretch and bend your body – there was this thai massage I got once where the masseur who was female and weighed like a bird actually sat on my lap and stood and walked on my back – it was the best experience ever and my body felt so relaxed and light after it!

    1. lolllll that sounds like the cutest massage.hihihih 😛 oh yeah and do ask for tea or something warm to drink because by the time I came back to my room I was shivering like hell. 🙁 It was overall quite nice. 🙂

  4. This review reminds me of my first & only body massage at Mumbai..it was Kerala Ayurveda…although the massage was quite relaxing, there was no ambience as such. My sis had accompanied me, she didn’t wish to bathe there..so back home with oily hair. I came to know later that the franchisee was a fake one 🙁
    This one seems to have a good ambience though. And nicely reviewed, mam!
    I’ll rather go for shirodhara some day…I’ve heard about its benefits from many friends.

    1. This was pretty good neha. Glad you shared this experience. I guess I would be careful in picking up my places. Sad you had such an experience. :((

      thanks. 🙂 I would also like to give that a try. 🙂

  5. I love spas!! Body massages are soooo my thing.. the best one was done at the Club Mahindra spa in Munnar. Lovely place, great surroundings and a full warm oil kerela style massage followed by steam scrub and shower. Was bliss!
    I like the way this spa looks too…! And i am glad that you have fallen for massages too 🙂

  6. I love spas !!!! I try to get body massages atleast a few times a year…
    The best one till date was at the spa in Vythiri resort,Wayanad, Kerala…

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