Fun Costume Party Ideas

Fun Costume Party Ideas

There is something seriously very funny in dressing up crazy and convincing others to do so too. Thus, the idea of costume party was born. An ideal costume party code should leave a lot to the imagination of the guests. Here are a few costume party ideas that are totally fun and outrageous.

1. Lady Gaga and Govinda:

Fun Costume Party ideas


This theme pretty much gives you the liberty of going totally crazy with your costume. Put together clashing colours and weirdly structured clothes to rock this theme.

2. Bollywood Villans:

Bollywood Villians

There are some iconic characters in bollywood famous for their negative characters. This will make up for a great costume theme. To add to the theme, you play old songs and ask guests to perform a scene from the movie.

3. Rubik’s Cube:

Rubik Cube

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This is one of the most fun-themed parties I have attended. Every guest must wear one piece for each colour in a Rubik’s cube. When announced, every person must swap their coloured pieces of clothing from others until you create an outfit of one single colour.

4. Glow in the Dark:

You can ask your guests to wear a white top which they don’t mind ruining. Change your regular light bulbs to black bulbs. Once your guests arrive wearing white, distribute highlighters and ask everyone to write something on each others t-shirts. When everyone is done scribbling, switch on the black light and watch the writing glow!

5. Alphabet:

This can be a lot fun if you are sure that your guests will put in efforts to get dressed. Pick one letter of your choice and ask youe guests to come dressed as anyone that starts with that letter. For example, I chose the letter A for my party and people came dressed as astronauts, Amitabh Bachchan and an apple.

6. No Clothes:

fun party ideas

Okay, don’t get ideas now. No clothes simply means you can’t wear clothes, but you have to use stuff to clothe yourself. For example, you can use newspapers, garbage bags and foot mats.

Have fun!

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    1. The rubik’s cube party will be perfect for me! :whistle: :whistle:
      It takes a lot of time and effort to actually find two matchy-matchy things in my wardrobe. 😐
      Except for my multiple salwar suits and churidars. :hihi: :hihi: And my uniform. 😐
      Rati…Just a random many sarees u have? O:)

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