8 Fun Things You can Do Right Now to Feel Amazing

Hi IMBBians,
How are you doing today? Ran a bit late and got scolded by boss? Had a fight with your boyfriend/husband? Getting only negative vibes from people around you? In a nutshell, are you NOT feeling amazing? Well, you must I would say and that too every single day of your life because life is short, precious and you get just one. So, here are some things I do on the days I suffer massive mood swings. Just any of these can instantly change the whole vibe game for you, teleport you to a different world in a matter of seconds and fill you up with positivity.

Fun Things

1. Catch up with a school-pal

catching up with friends
After school, the number of peeps we stay in touch will decrease rapidly by each passing year. Everyone gets busy with life, just like yourself. But, once in a while, reliving those old moments with your school-pal can make you time-travel. Remember, when you were carefree and laughed like crazy. Your classmate can bring that child out of you. You just need to call them and see for yourself how a chain reaction of sweet and sour moments unleashes to make your day and you feel amazing.

2. Send flowers to someone close to you

beautiful bouquet
We all have same-day delivery florists in our city (well, I hope most of us; if not then go and buy some flowers). Send a surprise bouquet or just a single rose with chocolates to someone you love. It can be your mom, dad, brother, sister, BF, a friend, a crush, a teacher – the list won’t end. Their reaction will make you feel so amazing when they’d call you back to thank you for the lovely surprise. Don’t forget to add a message expressing what they mean to you.

3. Lip-sync a Bollywood duet with anyone around you

This is such a fun thing to do and lift up your mood. Get someone to tag along on this crazy task. Try to lip-sync a funky Bollywood song and do all the moves, all the expressions and signature steps. Once you’d be done lip-syncing one song, you will feel so energetic and amazing that you would want to do more. When alone, try to do both male and female vocals; I know it’s crazy but it pumps you up so much.

4. Talk to your mom

Moms are our angels. They are our guardians and they know it all before we even say a word. Talk to her and then you’ll see the general chit chat will gradually become a stress relieving conversation. Moms always have the best solutions for us and they know how to cheer us up the best. Of course she has done it millions of time since your birth like by making wacky faces when you were a baby and then cooking your favourite meal right before the morning of a stressful exam. Talking to mom is amazing. Period.

5. Eat something you love

chocolate dessert
Sometimes, our favourite food in front of us brings out the real amazing version of ourselves. A chocolate glazed doughnut, an overloaded cheese pizza, rajma rice and you know what else is there to indulge and forget everything else. A little chocolate bar can do wonders. I had read somewhere ‘stressed’ spelt backwards is ‘desserts’. So for this one time, forget the calorie count and just make yourself feel awesome with that one favourite food indulgence of yours.

6. Exercise! You not only get to burn extra calories and lose weight by exercising, it would also trigger the release of endorphins that induce a positive feeling, an effect similar to that of the drug morphine! So, set aside at least 40 minutes in a day to exercise and feel good for the rest of the day.

7. Dress up: Sometimes, all you need to do feel good is to dress up and put some makeup on!

8. Take a Walk: Sometimes, all you need to do is grab a pair of shoes and walk! Fresh air can do amazing things for your mind and body, and coupled with walking, it helps to reduce stress as well.

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  1. Madam Gupshup is a great respite on any gloomy day for me. I just love the vibes there. I am definitely going to talk to at least one school friend today. Thanks. 🙂

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