FX Silk Drops Hair Serum Review

By Akshata Jagtap

Hello beautiful ladies!!

Who doesn’t want silky, shiny hair just like those models in the advertisements?? My hair has a mind of its own and just won’t tame down. In short, I have got frizzy hair! My hair just blows up and looks as if I have not used a comb in ages. Earlier, I was using Livon I love My Hair Serum. So, I thought of changing and bought this product. Let’s see how this one fared!

FX Silk Drops Hair Serum Review

Product Description:

FX Silk Drop Hair Serum smoothes and conditions any unruly hair. This high potency polishing formula instantly makes hair silky and super smooth. Moisturizes and detangles dry, damaged hair while transforming frizziness into a glossy shine and helps prevent breakage. The result? Full bodied, healthy looking hair with brilliant shine!

Directions To Use:

Apply small amount to palm, rub hands together then apply evenly to surface of damp (towel dried) hair working through ends. Style as desired.

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My Hair Type:

My hair is short, wavy & voluminous, but frizzy. Currently, they are colored too. I had my hair bleached for the coloring process and that turned my hair a bit dry and hence, the frizzness.


INR 495 for 118 ml/ 4 fl. Oz.


FX Silk Drops Hair Serum Review

It comes in a transparent small bean shaped bottle. It has a grey pull-up cap cum dispenser. You have to invert and squeeze the bottle to dispense the product. But, whenever you press the cap down to close it, some product spurts up and stays on the nozzle. It is wastage of product. Further, if you drop the bottle the cap opens up and causes spillage. Not at all travel friendly.

My Experience with FX Silk Drops Hair Serum:

The product is transparent with oil like, but non sticky consistency. It has a mild fragrance which resembles sweet lime. Isn’t that cute! My hair being short, needs only few drops of it. Apply it to your damp hair and comb your hair with large tooth comb to distribute the product evenly on your hair. The directions to use do not mention if it should be applied starting with roots or ends of the hair. I started applying it from the ends of my hair.

FX Silk Drops Hair Serum Review

The product doesn’t actually feel a serum containing Silicone (That gliding plastic like effect in serums is due to silicone). It makes my hair softer after approximately 5 minutes of its application. They look glossy too! Don’t go overboard with the product or it will make your hair look greasy.

FX Silk Drops Hair Serum Review

Talking about one of the main concerns, i.e. frizz control, it is very good at controlling frizz for three to four hours. However, after that, the hair needs to be combed in order to tame them and control the flyaways. This frizz control effect lasts only for the day, and not until next hair wash.

FX Silk Drops Hair Serum Review

The glossy effect also lasts for good 4/5 hours. Your hair after using this product won’t stop feeling this soft and healthy.

FX Silk Drops Hair Serum Review

Here is how my hair looked before and after using the product. Judge for yourself!!

FX Silk Drops Hair Serum Review

Pros of FX Silk Drops Hair Serum:

• Affordable.
• Makes hair soft and glossy. (Silky just as the name suggests!!)
• Sweet lime fragrance.

Cons of FX Silk Drops Hair Serum:

• Contains Silicone.
• Makes hair greasy if applied in excess quantity.
• Cap could have been better. That makes it non travel friendly.
• Some may not like its stickiness.

IMBB Rating:

3.5/5 (Points deducted for the Silicone content and the notorious cap)

Would I Repurchase FX Silk Drops Hair Serum?

Yes. I use this product daily. I don’t mind replacing my oil with it. 😀

Would I Recommend FX Silk Drops Hair Serum?

If it works such wonders on colored hair, it would suit normal hair too. I think the product is a must try. But, for those with thin hair, it may weigh your hair down. Over all, I am happy with this product. Better than Livon that gives Silicone feel.

Thanks for reading! And, I loved reading the comments on my last post! 🙂

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16 thoughts on “FX Silk Drops Hair Serum Review

  1. Wow Akshata, it imparts very good effect to your hair. Even my hair is kinda frizzy, and as you said, have a mind of its own! 😛

  2. My hair is similar to yours, except I haven’t colored it 😀 its jet black.. this one seems good..

    I am yet to try anything other than matrix biolage serum, that one seems to like my hair 🙂

    Thanks for the lovely review dear 🙂

  3. You’ve got lovely hair, Akshata. I too am looking for a nice serum to tame my frizzy and damaged hair. Thanks for the review, dear 🙂

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