How to Gain Weight

What would you call a person who can eat whatever his heart desires and not gain an ounce? LUCKY isn’t it.

gain weightWell, not really I’ll rather call him sick.

WEIGHT.. is the topic of concern for most people today. People do what not to lose weight. Some people think that being underweight is a blessing in disguise but what they don’t see or understand is the pain such people face in their day to day lives. Jibe’s and jokes are not only targeted towards those who are fat but also those who are skinny.

As compared to losing it is much harder to gain weight. But why do people want to gain weight when it does not seem problematic like obesity?

Problems of being under weight

Everyone is well aware of the problems faced by someone who is over weight. But little do people realize the trouble faced by a skinny person. The risks of being under weight include:
•    Weaker immune systems: People who are under weight are more prone to infections due to a weaker immune system.
•    Weaker bones
•    Skinny people are more likely to suffer from anemia.
•    Women may face pregnancy complications.
•    Heart irregularities
•    Memory loss etc.

gain weight

So now I believe that you would understand that being skinny or under weight is not a blessing.

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Tips to gain weight

Everyone wants to look and feel healthy and live a better life. One can find abundance of information from friends, family or even internet for losing weight but, a lot less is being said about gaining weight. Mentioned below are few tips to help you gain weight in a healthy way.

•    Avoid fat and sugar: No matter how badly you want to gain weight just stay away from consuming food rich in fats (especially saturated fats) and sugar. However, nuts, fatty fish like salmon, olives should be included in diet.
•    Feast on high calorie food. Drink mixed fruit juices as they have a higher calorie content.
•    Stay away from exercises in which you burn more calories than you consume. It is always beneficial to hire the services of a professional in case you are looking to gain weight.
•    Eat small meals six times a day to gain weight. Nutritional requirements of the body must always be fulfilled.

gain weight

•    Avoid drinking water half an hour before or after the meal.
•    Snacking in between meals helps to gain weight.
•    Protein drink also helps to gain weight. Replace your soda cans with Whey proteins drink.
•    Diet rich in carbohydrates should be consumed to gain weight.
•    Get a medical checkup done just to make sure that you are not suffering from any disease that is causing weight loss.
•    Say no to fried and oily foods as they are difficult to digest and thus reduce one’s appetite.

Hope these pointers help you to achieve your goals.

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  3. Hey tx for this valuable post.. i m 23 yrs height is 5 feet and 3 inches..and weight is around 46 kgs…i have tried everything but still failed to gain weight…plz tell what should i include/ exclude in diet to gain some weight..

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