How To Gain Weight The Healthy Way

How To Gain Weight The Healthy Way

To every problem, there are two solutions. One of them is easy (but often, not the right way) while the other one is not-so-easy, time consuming but often the correct way to solve the problem. Perhaps, for all you skinny people out there, the most challenging job is to gain some healthy weight; am I right? In my last post, I wrote about certain easy ways of gaining fat here, but perhaps, as I already had mentioned in the outset, they were not at all healthy in the long run! Indulging oneself with junk food, lazy lifestyle and little sleep is good once in a while, but definitely not always! That is why, this article is meant for all you beautiful women, who want to be fat, but of course, in a healthy way!

How To Gain Weight

How To Get Fat With A Proper Diet

Diet plays a vital role in ensuring whether you become overweight or underweight. That is why, if you are skinny and you are looking forward to gaining some healthy fat, here are a few tips for you:

• Have a banana twice or thrice everyday; if possible, follow this practice with drinking milk. Alternately, you can opt to have banana milk shake everyday and this is a very effective way to gain some healthy fat.
• If you are not so fond of banana, go for a thick and tasty treat of mango milk shake. Do this everyday for a month and you would find a significant change. Mangoes are known to be immensely helpful in making you gain weight.
• Avoid fat and sugar: No matter how badly you want to gain weight just stay away from consuming food rich in fats (especially saturated fats) and sugar. However, nuts, fatty fish like salmon, olives should be included in diet.
• Soak some washed date palm, almonds and figs in milk and boil it. Drink this milk when it is still warm for gaining weight.
• Include raisins, cashews and milk (and even butter, if you do not have any other health issue which asks you to refrain from it) in your daily diet.
• Have food items that are rich in proteins and calories like eggs, fish and meat, if you are not a vegetarian. Actually, replacing vegetable proteins with animal proteins make the process of weight gain faster.
• Increase your intake of flour and rice, germinated wheat.
• Eat frequently and eat in larger portions.
• Eat small meals six times a day to gain weight. Nutritional requirements of the body must always be fulfilled.
• Avoid drinking water half an hour before or after the meal.
• Snacking in between meals helps to gain weight.


How To Gain Weight With Yoga:

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Did you know that yoga can be really helpful in treating problems of under-weight? However, it is important for you to continue with the consumption of nutritious food so that you can reap the best benefits of yoga. Yoga helps to balance thyroid and regulate metabolism, which in turn promotes healthy weight gain. Here are a few tips for you:
• Inversions help in balancing your endocrine system and to boost circulation. If you do not find yourself comfortable practicing full inversion, you can go for the mild ones. Strictly speaking, inversion refers to any posture that has your heart in a higher position that your head.
• Yoga helps to tone up your digestive system. This helps in better absorption of food and thus, helps you to gain healthy fat. Bridge pose, bow pose, forward bends and twists are some of the relevant ones in this context.
• Breathing exercises aid in improving digestion as well. ‘Agni Sara’ is one such exercise that can be extremely helpful to you.
• There are a few yoga postures that increase your appetite and in the process, help you to put on weight. The Dead Body Pose or the Shavasana and Sarvangasana are some of these postures. Other exercises like the Fish Pose help in distributing weight throughout your body, thus preventing accumulation of fat.


I hope it is now clear how different the approaches could be as far as gaining fat is concerned. The choice is yours and this will accordingly shape your plan of action. I would; however, like to add that it is always better to have banana shakes than sodas, to prefer yoga sessions to sleepless nights and to go for meat, fish, eggs, milk, raisins, almonds and cashews instead of burgers and French fries. If you are underweight, it is important that you get fat; it is equally important that you stay healthy as well.


P.S.:  In this article; however, I have not taken into account the interests of those who want to gain weight, especially in the muscles. There are different set of exercises and different set of diet plans and ideas for them.

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