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Happy summers people!

I have moved to Noida from Bangalore recently and can easily say that Bangalore is by far the best city in India to live because of its weather conditions. Summers in north India, literally, are the worst! Anyway, things like coconut water, lemon squash, butter milk etc are there to rescue me. And yes, how can I forget to mention the darling body mists that are always available to beat the summer heat with their oh-so-fresh fragrances. Here, I am again coming up with a review of a body mist. I am obsessed, I must say! To be honest, I have more body mists in my bathroom than anything else. 😀

Gap Dream More Body Mist Review6

Product Description:
• A sensual blend of fresh florals and soft musk.
• The top notes are of orange blossom.
• The middle notes are freesia and asian lily.
• The bottom notes are softwoods.
• A light fragrance to spray all over.

Gap Dream More Body Mist Review8

INR 900 (Varies from website to website)


Gap Dream More Body Mist Review4

This mist comes in a sleek, transparent, plastic bottle with a spray nozzle. The nozzle is covered with a plastic cap which clicks shut tightly. No spillage, no leakage, absolutely elegant and travel friendly packaging.

My Experience with Gap Dream More Body Mist:

Gap Dream More Body Mist Review

I am a very selective person when it comes to fragrances, of course everyone is. I select my scents according to occasion, mood, outfit and last but not the least, the ongoing season. Also, the fragrance notes play a key role in selection. I am a person who is mostly into fruity, floral fragrances. There are times when I want a bit of heaviness and sensuality in the perfume which I am wearing. So then, I opt for soft, woody fragrances.

Gap Dream More Body Mist Review3

Gap Dream More Body Mist Review7

This particular mist is a perfect concoction of fruity, floral and woody notes. GAP says that this one has top notes of orange blossom, but for me it is the floral notes of lily and freesia that rule the scent and then comes a pinch of orange with a hint of white musk.

Gap Dream More Body Mist Review1

This fragrance kind of settles down to a subtle, sweet, powdery one which lasts for a decent time if compared to other body mists. I mean, which body mist is expected to perform a 9 to 5 job. You have to reapply your mists every 4-5 hours to achieve ample sillage.

Gap Dream More Body Mist Review5

I absolutely don’t have any complaints about this one too. If you are looking for a fragrance for daytime use and love to wear chic, floral fruity fragrances without the fragrance being overpowering, this one is for you. This is, in fact, a perfect body mist for hot summer afternoons!

Pros of Gap Dream More Body Mist:

• A beautiful combination of floral, fruity and soft woody notes.
• Beautiful packaging.
• Travel friendly bottle.
• Fits the bill perfectly for summer time fragrance.
• Can be sprayed either on clothes or on body directly.
• Easily available.

Cons of Gap Dream More Body Mist:

• A bit expensive. At least, I feel so.
• Contains alcohol.

This body mist is for people who like not-so-overpowering yet effective sprays. It is a perfect fragrance for summers. Buy it if you want to spend a few extra bucks for a fancy body mist that too from an international brand like GAP.

But, if this one seems expensive, and want to go for similar fragrance, look in for some good deodorant. I would not repurchase this particular variant, but would definitely try the other ones from GAP.

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6 thoughts on “Gap Dream More Body Mist Review

  1. Pallavi, the weather is killing me too – I have survived for four days on just butter milk and glucon d coz I was so dehydrated. Hope monsoons hit soon, just 10 more days to go 🙂

    1. Jomol… heard that whole of AP is experiencing very harsh, hotter than the hottest summers! Take care

  2. Welcome to north India Pallavi. I live in Delhi and it might get hotter than this in June-July. 🙁 I like the way you have explained the fragrance – it makes online shopping of fragrances really easy.

    1. I am a bonafide of (Jaipur) Rajasthan Shikha.. was in South India (Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore) for almost 5 years. You are scaring me 🙁

  3. Haha, must be a big change for you! Banglore has an amazing weather all year long while in Noida, you will experience the highest peak of every weather. I live in Noida now but have stated in Banglore too. As per the mist, I simply love it. Gap mists are so affordable and so gentle, that I personally am a big fan of Gap.. 😀

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