Gap Grass Body Mist Review

Grass, you say? Yup, grass! Who wants to smell like grass? Well, me, for one. As much as I like perfumes that are universally pleasing, I also enjoy smelling unique scents, having them in my collection, and spraying one on whenever the mood strikes me. Like these days, when I feel like taking a break from my usual citrus, light floral, and fruity-floral summer fragrances, but still want to smell fresh and light. Gap Grass actually falls into the light and fresh fragrance category, and makes for a good summer or spring fragrance.
gap grass body mist

Gap Grass Body Mist 2 fl oz.

Released in 1994, according to Gap, this fragrance is a fresh cut blend of ivy and crisp greens laced with soft musk.

Gap Grass was discontinued a number of years back, then brought back to Gap stores in 2009. About one year later, it was discontinued again.

Gap scents were pretty big in the 90s. I was in puberty then, in high school, and all the cool girls seemed to wear Gap fragrances. My friend had a bottle of Gap Dream which she grudgingly shared with us. I wasn’t into perfume back then, but I thought it smelled so good. Besides Dream, there was also Heaven, Earth, Om, and Grass, which, upon first smelling it, I thought was really cool and pronounced it better than the girly-smelling Dream.

When the Gap scents were discontinued I forgot all about them, though when I read last year that they were back, I got excited but failed to buy it, since it’s not available here and I didn’t follow through with ordering from the US. But I remembered Grass again this year and was able to score myself a small bottle of the body mist from a local seller on Ebay.

body mist bottle

Gap Grass

I’m just delighted by this— when I spray it, it’s really just like breathing in the air in a field or lawn of freshly cut grass. It’s crisp, very clear, green, and I especially like how it’s sort of sweet but has a slight touch of bitterness at the same time. It smells quite realistic, and isn’t harsh or medicinal. It reminds me very much of the sunny, dewy mornings I’d rush out the door to go to school and smell the fresh cut grass all around me while walking. Gap Grass smells good. It’s mornings, it’s sunshine, it’s summer.

That’s how it smells like for about the first ten minutes or so, fresh and lovely, and a great pleasure for me to wear. It’s unfortunate that as it wears longer and dries down, it morphs into a musky floral scent…that doesn’t reek, or overpower, or anything, but smells generic and uninteresting. I really wish it could just retain that fresh cut grass smell all throughout.

Still, I’m not disappointed with my purchase and will continue to wear this. In fact, I regret not buying the eau de toilette version which is more concentrated and maybe retains the top notes longer. If I finish this bottle, I plan to buy the edt afterwards. I like that this is cheap too—I purchased the 2oz body mist for less than $7 only. It has to be purchased online though, since it’s not available in most places outside the US. I highly recommend Gap Grass if you’re looking for something a little different, an alternative summer fragrance.

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10 thoughts on “Gap Grass Body Mist Review

  1. Ida I am quite confused whether I want to smell like grass or not.. but it kinda sounds fresh fresh also. :toothygrin: Does it smell anything like the body shop shower gels.. the earth friendly range ones? i think I am diverting ?:)

    1. Rati I think you do. 😀 I gave some of the body shop earth friendly stuff a sniff at the store and found them a bit too herbal for me. I think this once smells more authentic and natural. :))

  2. u described it so welll dat i was imagining standing in d park smelling d grass on a dewy mrng

    :hihi: i will read dis again n again wenever i feel stressed

    1. Oh wow, VibrantHues, thanks so much. :)) :)) :)) I’m glad you enjoyed reading it. Your comment totally made me smile. 😀

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