Garnier Body Cocoon Review

Garnier Body Cocoon

I have a dry skin and hence I always get a chance to try a lot of body lotions without any guilt. I will say Garnier is one of my favorite brands when it comes to skin care. I have tried many of their products that includes their shampoos, moisturizers, face cream and under eye roll on. According to me their products are affordable and easily accessible. You will find it in any drug store near by and you can even pick up one while you are in the midst of your grocery shopping. Garnier Body Lotion Few weeks back my body lotion got over [Trelivings Organic Tea Tree Body Lotion – Australian Brand ] so thought I got a chance to try a new product again. I am very choosy in picking up anything for my skin, as my skin is a bit sensitive. I have been waiting to try this body cocoon since I saw their TV commercials few months back and the trust I had on the brand just let me pick this one without even a single trial. I just smelled it and as I had guessed it had a fresh and fruity fragrance, the one I love the most. If you have Adidas Tropical Passion Body Spray this smells similar to that but I’ll say a bit milder and it is even more relaxing to your mind. I have been using this for more than 2 weeks and I will say I really like this one. Though it says ‘Body Lotion’ it is more like a cream but once I apply it I don’t really have to rub it on for a while. As I apply I feel it just glides in my skin like any other lotion does and my dry skin absorbs that really quickly. This leaves my skin soft and supple for the rest of the day and the fruity fragrance lasts for almost half a day. Unless you are a person who prefer to have a shower before going to bed you need not worry about applying anything to your skin again. As the name suggests I feel my skin is secure in a cocoon that really protects my skin from drying out. As mentioned in the bottle it has nutritive fruit oils and it is an intense moisturizing lotion that nourishes dry skin. So if you have oily skin it is better you try it before you buy this.

  • It does the job right as it claims to replenish moisture from within and it is instantly absorbed.
  • The product claims, “It is dermatologically tested. It has nutritive fruit oils from apricots, olives, blackcurrants and avacados to deliver an immense burst of moisture to the skin.

Dry skin appears transformed:

  • Visibly smoother
  • Noticeably softer
  • Do not apply on face

Even I have not tried it on my face as I have dry to combination skin I felt this might leave my face oily. Pros

  • The Brand – As I said it is one of my favorite brands so I can just go and pick up any product that is defined for my skin type and I have never had any regrets and this one didn’t disappoint me too. I will rather say I was very happy to have found a body lotion that perfectly suits my skin. :star:
  • The Smell – It smells awesome. The fruity fragrance makes me feel fresh through out the day. On a winter day this might even replace your deo that you don’t need a separate one. It is not too heavy at the same time it lasts long and so I’m really happy. :star:
  • The Price – It is priced at Rs.89 for 125 ml and I think it is quite affordable. Having used it for approximately 2 weeks I have just 1/10th of it used, so a little lotion will do wonders even if your skin is really dry. :star:
  • The Packing – The package is very attractive in an orange coloured bottle that matches the fruity fragrance. It has a tight lid so that we can carry it anywhere we go and be happy that it won’t mess up the handbag. *Half a star.*
  • The Texture – The texture is easily absorbed and it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling on my skin. I need not wait for it to dry unlike other few body lotions. It is easy to apply and hence no pain of rubbing it on the skin for a while. It suits me the best in the mornings when I rush to reach my office on time. I hardly take 2 mins to apply it in my hands and legs. :star:




Garnier Body Cocoon
Clean hand after bath







Garnier Body Cocoon
Garnier Body Cocoon required for half of my hand







Garnier Body Cocoon
Not very greasy







Garnier Body Cocoon
After applying





  • I really had to think for a while and this is it. Some may not like the texture as it is thicker than a lotion and some times [when I am rushing] I feel it doesn’t spread easily and cover all the area as a liquid lotion does. If you are looking for a body lotion with sunscreen then this is not for you all it does is intense moisturizing.

So giving a total of :star::star::star::star:+0.5 I would definitely buy it again. 🙂

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28 thoughts on “Garnier Body Cocoon Review

  1. Great review, Aastha!

    Body Cocoon has remained one of my favourite body moisturisers for a long time now. And you’re right, a little goes a long way. I love how quickly it absorbs into the skin, plus the smell is light & pleasant. Considering the price, it’s definitely a steal!

  2. I :heart: Body Cocoon! :-* More than anything else about it, I like the fragrance. Nice review Aarthi. :yes:

  3. Hi Aarthi,
    Thanks for reviewing a product which is a favourite of many of us.This is no doubt one of the best body lotions(or should I say body cream,its texture is absolutely cream-like) in the market.I have been using it since it was introduced in the market.I always keep going back to it even if I try various other products.In fact,this year also during winter I used this lotion and needless to say was very satisfied with the results(it makes my hands and legs super smooth).Its smell is very pleasant and not overpowering at all.Strong smelling products make me feel uneasy.This is one of the best products from the Garnier stable but having said all the nice things about it I feel that it is not suitable for use in the hot and humid summer months unless one has excessively dry skin(I myself have dry skin but it is not excessively dry) because along with micro fruit oils I think there is a large amount of glycerine in the product which might be really good for the skin during winter months but can give you an extremely uncomfortable feeling if you use it in summer.Of course, this is my own personal opinion,you might choose not to agree with me.

    1. Hi rs, true that it might not be good during summer but mine is super dry skin so i didnt have the problem 🙂

  4. The bottle is tempting me. 😛 I have boat load to finish right now. Will take a look at it for sure. 🙂 And I have a super dry skin/. :((

  5. Hey Aarthi, I always wanted to pick this up….I wonder why i never tried it coz I get it around 50 rs at the CSD..woill pick it up surely…..

  6. Hey Aarthi, your excellent review made me crazy about this product and I spent more than 4 hrs yday hunting for it….I have a very dry skin and thought THIS IS IT….let me go and get it….but sad this product is available in UAE….
    will have to wait for my trip and ghosh I already have so many things to be picked up :razzmad:

  7. I love this product. After applying this the skin becomes so soft and velvety. Even my husband love it, he tried it by accident and now he loves it. This is the best body lotion. Seriously it is a cocoon for your body to project from any skin dryness.

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