Garnier Body Under the Shower Monoi Body Lotion Review

Body type: Very dry body, prone to dry patches
Hello IMBBians,
Our lives have been so busy nowadays that we do not get time to follow the complete shower routine. I have read reviews on IMBB about in-shower body lotion and I always wanted to try one. I have been in love with Garnier products recently and when I found the newly launched in-shower products, I picked up both for dry and for normal skin and both smell so nice, I could not decide what I needed. So read on…
Garnier Body Under the Shower Monoi Body Lotion

What the company claims:
Under the Shower Garnier moisturizing body lotion leaves a silky film on your skin. The soothing oils and shea butter penetrate deep into the skin and left on the skin, even after rinsing!
Enriched with 30% nourishing oil and Monoi.
30% nourishing oil, which is absorbed directly through the skin wet and Monoi, an exotic oil with protective and restorative effect.
Using Under the shower Body Lotion: Apply in the shower after applying and rinsing your shower.
back of bottle

Price: €5.49 for 250ml


My Experience with Garnier Body Under the Shower Monoi Body Lotion:

While the temperatures are soaring high in India, we are yet to have some warm climate and some sun here in Netherlands. It is still spring and cold! So my skin stays dry and even though I use the best of lotions, I have to spend time for that. My mornings are so busy, I hardly have time to moisturize my body and this in-shower body lotion was like a boon to me.

The product comes in a light green color sleek plastic bottle and orange colored flip cap matching with the orange letters on the bottle. The flip cap is not very tight and is a little loose, so I am not sure if it opens up in the bag. So I would put it in a ziplock before carrying it to be in a safer side.

The product is white in color and is creamy in consistency. It spreads quickly but it does not get absorbed by the skin. It sits like a thick film on the body; you need to apply it all over the body and then wash it off. The fragrance is of Monoi and is smells very sweet, pleasant and addictive. The whole bathroom smells like a flower garden when washing it off.
bottle opening

The lotion washes off very nicely yet it leaves a faint film on the hand that shows it is moisturized. You can slip onto a dress just like that even without applying a lotion and your skin is soft and supple. Using this for a while now has made my skin softer and less dry. You can see that the skin becomes a little bouncy and I like the woogly woogly touch! Along with Monoi which is exotic oil it also has shea butter and other nourishing, soothing oils that brings out the best of the skin. This is a perfect product for very dry skin and when I slather it on my back with a loofah stick and I don’t have itchy back for the day!

Overall, it is a very good product but it does contain mineral oil. Most of the Garnier products are paraben free nowadays, so I believe that it is paraben-free and is an added benefit. So summing up,

Pros of Garnier Body Under the Shower Monoi Body Lotion:

• Very pleasant, exotic fragrance.
• The product washes off easily.
• Leaves the skin soft, bouncy and supple.
• Moisturizes and hydrates the skin effectively.
• Reduces dryness from the body.
• Perfect product for dry skin.
• Paraben free.

Cons of Garnier Body Under the Shower Monoi Body Lotion:

• Flimsy flip cap.
• Does contain Mineral oil.
• Not available in India.
• Pricey.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

Will I Repurchase Garnier Body Under the Shower Monoi Body Lotion?
I love what it does to my skin. I will definitely stock it up for winters! For summer, I do not need intense moisturisation and I will stick to the Normal Skin variant.

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