Garnier Deo Minerals Extra Whitening Deodorant

Garnier Deo Minerals Extra Whitening Deodorant

Garnier Deo Minerals Extra Whitening Deodorant

I have always wanted to lighten my underarms as they are quite dark.  The colour difference between my underarm and my arm is quite visible and stops me from wearing sleeveless tops. This is because I used to shave in my teens even though later I switched to waxing.  I have tried many home remedies to lighten this (such as besan with turmeric) but all of them were very difficult and cumbersome to apply and imagine in what pose I have to wait till the pack dries :secret2: :dance: ), so I eventually gave up.

While I was in Malaysia, I visited Watson’s a couple of times. (This is similar to Health and Glow in India).  I saw this deodorant which promises to lighten your underarms with regular usage and the interesting part was that there was even a scale to measure the whitening efficiency.

Garnier Deodorant

Product Description:

With lemon extract and active minerals-extra whitening can be measured .Visibly reduces underarm darkness.

  • Gives protection up to 24 hours.
  • Allows skins to breathe.
  • Alcohol free.


Between RM 6 to RM8 ($3/4).


Water/ Aluminum Chlorohydrate, PPG-15, Steartyl Ether, Cetearyl Alchol, Ceteareth-33, CI 77891/ Titanium Dixocide, MICA, Asocrbyl Glucose, Sodium Citrate, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbanate, Dimethcone, Limonene, Zince PCA, Benzyl Salcylate, Linalool, Benzyl Alcohol, Caprlyl Glycol, Geranol, Lemon Fruit extract, Methylparaben, Citral , Hexyl Cinanal , Fragrance ( FiL C33174/1).

Price was quite reasonable, so I bought two of them. I have used Garnier products before, but none from the “Garnier Whitening” range.  I started using them about two months ago, before that, I was using a deodorant from Nivea.

Garnier whitening deodorant

My Experience with Garnier Deo Minerals Extra Whitening Deodorant:

It has the typical Garnier fragrance, which is kind of a lemon-ish smell. The deodorant spreads out well and is not sticky. However, unlike some deodorants which are colourless, this deodorant spreads out in white colour.

The roller applicator is bigger than other deodorants; however, this does not cause any problems as it rolls on easily. The product needs some time to dry, so I feel I have to wait for some time before getting dressed. After I started using this in the mornings before work, one problem I faced was that it didn’t keep me fresh for the whole day, like other deodorants. I was feeling uncomfortable. We don’t sweat much at all in Australia because of the humidity and this deodorant couldn’t even tackle that. So instead of using this when going to work, I use this in the evenings when I go out or on the weekends, etc.  However, I managed to use/apply this at least once every day (for work, I continued to use the Nivea one).

With regards to the whitening efficiency, this product does what it claims. Even though I did not see any visible difference for two weeks, after about a month, I noticed a visible lightening.  I was so happy as I was struggling with this problem for a very long time. I couldn’t measure the difference in colour using the scale, as my skin did not correspond to any shade in the scale, it was in-between. However, now that I have been using this for two months I’m very happy with the outcome.

Why I Like Garnier Deo Minerals Extra Whitening Deodorant:

  • It does what it claims, it does lighten underarms.
  • The fragrance is refreshing and lemon like, it might appeal to people who like the trademark “Garnier” fragrance.
  • Rolls on easily and easy to apply.
  • At RM 6-8, it is quite reasonably priced.

Why I Do Not Like Garnier Deo Minerals Extra Whitening Deodorant:

  • Takes some time to dry, have to wait at least one minute before getting dressed.
  • Not available in Australia, (the target market for this product has to be ladies with coloured skin), not sure if it is available in India.
  • The consistency of the product is much runnier than other roll-on deodorants, so it might not appeal to some.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Purchase Garnier Deo Minerals Extra Whitening Deodorant Again?

After I finish the two I bought, I will stop using this to see if the lightness is maintained. If it is, I will switch to any other deodorant which will give me more lasting protection.  If lightness is not maintained, I will buy this product from eBay and will continue using it.

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