Garnier Light 3 in 1 Fairness Facial Review



Garnier Light 3 in 1 Fairness Facial Review

By Shwetaa

After being impressed by Priyanka Chopra’s advertisement about the Garnier 3 in 1 fairness facial, where she claims that by using this innovative product, you can do a fairness facial at home and also claims that this is a 3 in 1 product, a face wash, scrub and a face mask.

Garnier Light 3 in 1 Fairness Facial Review

Product Description:

Garnier 3 in 1 Fairness Cleanser helps your face to fight the harmful effects of exposure to sun, pollution and harsh environmental conditions that makes skin appear dull and dark. The face wash cum scrub cum mask works in 3 ways and helps you reveal brighter and more radiant skin.

Face wash: It is enriched with Zinc known for its purifying properties, it helps deep clean and eliminate impurities.
Scrub: It contains pumice, a natural exfoliating agent; it removes dark cells and visibly reduces skin imperfections.
Face mask: Enriched with White Clay known for its absorbing properties, it makes complexion more uniform to reveal an instant glow.

This product does the job of face wash, scrub, and face mask, it is a 3 in 1 product.  The face wash deep cleans the facial skin, the scrub removes dead cells, and the mask gives an instant fairness and glow to the skin.  Its written on the tube that as a face wash, this product has to be used daily, as a scrub 2-3 times a week and as a mask – once a week.

This product was a great buy, going by its unique combination and versatility. Also, it would be great while travelling – you need not carry a separate cleanser, scrub and mask along with you, only one product is enough.  Thinking about all these points, I had to try it out.  I have been using this since the last 3 weeks. I use it as face wash once a day in the morning, as a scrub 2 days in a week and as a mask once a week.


50 g tube costs Rs. 99 and 100 gm for Rs. 179


Garnier Light 3 in 1 Fairness Facial

My Experience with Garnier Light 3 in 1 Fairness Facial:

Packaging is nice and travel friendly with a twist-up cap.  It has a white paste like texture and contains blue beads for exfoliation.  It however has a strong smell which I cannot relate to anything, but yes, it’s awful. People with sensitive nose may not like the smell.

As a face wash, it is very good. It cleans the face squeaky clean. You get a clean, refreshed face after washing your face with this. I have oily skin and it gives a matte feeling.  For dry skinned people, it may be a little drying.

As a scrub, again its nice, gives a squeaky feeling. However, I am not sure of the fairness claim made by the face wash. I did not see any improvement on the fairness part.



This works as mask. I apply the mask for about 5-6 minutes, let it dry completely and then wash off with water. It does give a nice instant glow to the face making it brighter. You can use this as a quick fix before attending any function to get that instant glow.


Pros of Garnier Light 3 in 1 Fairness Facial:

  • Works well as a cleanser, scrub and mask.
  • You get 3 features in one product.
  • Effectively removes blackheads.
  • Cost effective.
  • Can be used as a quick fix before some important function.
  • Travel-friendly packaging.

Cons of Garnier Light 3 in 1 Fairness Facial:

  • Smell, awful smell.
  • Fairness claim is not true.
  • A little strong face wash for dry-skinned beauties.

Will I Buy Garnier Light 3 in 1 Fairness Facial Again?

Yes, definitely!

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  1. Omigod, this actually works? Now I’m surprised 😛
    I have dry skin – so won’t be buying this. No fair 🙁 😛 😛

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