Garnier Light Oil Free Moisturizer Review

Halo and a big smile to all the ladies there. 🙂

Today I am reviewing the latest Garnier oil free moisturiser(yeah the cute Priyanka ‘chip chip ko na na’ ad).

As I said in my earlier review on Clinique’s dramatically different moisturizing gel that I use it for night, I was attracted to Garnier’s claim of OIL free and Sweat free. So there I stepped inside the store again and bought this at Rs.62 for a 18 gm tube.

Garnier Light Oil free Moisturizer

What the package says
Oil free Daily fairness moisturiser
Fairness + dark spots reduction.
Light texture absorbs oil
UV filters.
Tested in Indian weather (I loved this)

How does it work:
Oil trapping formula to help remove dullness and control excess oil.
Pure lemon essence to clarify and smoothen skin.
Absorbing Powder with ingredients known to have absorbing power.
UV filters known for protection against the sun.

Ingredients:Water, Stearic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Alcohol Denat, Nicinamide, Aluminium Starch Octenylsuccinate, Fragrance, and a whole list of dangerous terms I have never heard!

Garnier Light Oil free Moisturizer swatch
My experience :
It’s a cream based texture which sort of mattifies your skin when applied. Yes it gives a little brighter look to your face unlike the ghastly look that some fairness creams give. But as far as the ‘chip chip ko na na’ claims go, Ms.Priyanka Chopra you are fooling us 😀


  • Nice texture.
  • No strong smell.
  • Contains lemon essence.
  • When you wash your face after using this, face appears brighter.
  • UV filters.
  • Inexpensive so not bad for a try.
  • Mattifies skin for a short duration.
Garnier Light Oil free Moisturizer blended


  • ‘No oil no sweat’ claims are just a hyperbole.
  • The list of ingredients might get you thinking.
  • No SPF mentioned.
  • Doesn’t ofcourse moisturise enough. This is a product for the combination skin type.

Worth giving a try. Better than fair and lovely I think.
My hunt for real ‘no chip chip’ product is still on.

Little prayer: O god-Either get some man’s brain ticking to create a perfect product for humid climates or if such a product does exist, land me there. :))

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24 thoughts on “Garnier Light Oil Free Moisturizer Review

  1. I was also wondering if i shud buy this…thans for the review…..I produce enough oil to run a factory… no thanks to this :/ dissappointeda at such false claims 🙁

  2. This range never suited me – be it their garnier light facewash or moisturiser. leaves a disgusting layer of chip-chip behind. sorry priyanka , you are not to blame – you were merely reiterating the script.

    1. Yeah Arja…I know that Priyanka is just doing what she is paid for ..the Priyanka part was to be taken for a laugh:)

  3. I do not understand why the claims from this particular brand are always fake… 😮 Nice review Maria.. And a perfect prayer!!!!

  4. Garnier Light was horrible in the past.. yucky white oily cream which burns skin… i wont try this hi hi… thanks for review..

  5. I actually love this product. It did wonders for my skin! It made my skin glow without the chip chip. Would def recommend it !

  6. I thought i would get a perfect product for my extra oily skin but the claims made by this product seem totally false :(. I would never buy this product again.

  7. Hi,
    I have very oily skin. please anyone suggest me good cream or Moisture lotion and good cleanser. I really tried hunting for the right product long time.

  8. This is one awesome product! I’ve got a really oily skin and I’m using this stuff for over 2 weeks now. It really soaked up all the oil off my face. But yeah, after about 3 hours or so I feel “chip-chip” but my face still looks matte in the mirror. Plus the best part is that I LOVE this lemony smell of Garnier Light products. This is definitely a keeper for me! *pompom* *pompom*

  9. i love this moisturizer…i have been using this for 8 years now…i do have oily the thing is apply very less amount of it…it brightens and whitens your face…and yess when i get an acne pop i keep on applying considerable amount of it on the spot…and within three days the acne and its mark goes away…it peels of the black skin… *happydance* *happydance*
    so thumbs up from my side.. *happy dance* *happy dance*

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