Garnier Skin Naturals Light Overnight Fairness Cream Review

Garnier Light Overnight Peeling Fairness Cream Review

Tapaswini Swain

Hello IMBB Sweeties!! :))
First of all I would love to thank all of you for your helpful and friendly nature. :thanks: It seems as if I know you all since ages :cheers: IMBB indeed makes my day :jiggy1:

Now coming to the review part, I have no such obsession with Fair complexion but a clear complexion, free of any spots and fine lines is all what I crave for. I have some freckle spots on my cheek and neck, :(( so few months back bought Garnier Light Overnight peeling fairness cream after watching its ad on TV :toothygrin: I loved the TV commercial a lot. :yelo:

Garnier Light Overnight Peeling Fairness Cream

Price : Rs 89 for 18 gms.

Active Ingredients:
Include citral, citrus dulcis extract, citrus medica limonum peel extract, gentiana lutea root extract, sugarcane extract, vitamin CG.

Garnier Light Overnight Whitening Peeling Cream says —
Garnier Light Overnight Whitening Peeling Cream peels off dullness and reveals whiter, lighter skin underneath in an intensive overnight exfoliating action. The proven power of pure lemon and natural peeling fruit extracts provide whitening, reduce dark spots, and give you fairer skin while you sleep!
Now you can peel off the dullness and wake up to visibly fairer, radiant, more even-toned skin
Away from external aggressions, night is the ideal time to reinforce whitening action. With the combined attributes of Vitamin C from lemon essence, Vitamin CG from herbal extracts, and the natural peeling fruit extracts, you’re sure to wake up with a healthy glowing, visibly fairer and more even toned skin. The texture of Garnier light night cream is easily absorbent, non sticky and non oily. It also spreads with ease while applying the product.

How does it work ?
➢ Peels off dullness, intensive exfoliating action help removing dark cells.
Reduces dark spots & further skin darkening.
➢ Its melting texture moisturizes & nourishes your skin overnight, leaving it
Smooth with satin finish.
➢ Skin look visibly fairer in 28 days, dark spots reduce.
➢ Melanin Production is reduced (the pigment responsible for darkening and
dark spot production.
➢ Especially formulated for Asian skin.

A unique night cream with an innovative micro-peeling action. Throughout the day harmful sun’s rays, dust and pollution produce dark cells on your skin. Peel them away while you sleep with Garnier Light Night’ dual formula.

ACTION-1- Micro-Peeling:
Enriched with Natural peeling fruit extracts, Garnier Light Night gently helps to peel away dark cells.
ACTION-2- Whitening:
Powered with Pure lemon essence, and vitamin CG, it works all night on your skin to make it visibly fairer.

My Experience :
I have slightly wheatish complexion with few freckles on my cheek and neck. I never had freckles earlier. Due to continuous sun exposure without any use of sunscreen during my Graduation days led to this condition 🙁 Since then I have been frantically searching for solutions to remove these spots. I have tried several home made remedies but of no use. After watching a TV commercial on Garnier Light Night Peeling Cream, I thought to give it a try. Its fragrance is a bit strong for me. When I applied this on my face, within 5 minutes my skin was all red :pissedoff: and it irritated my facial skin very much. Frankly saying after one month of usage I found my facial skin was very sensitive to it but it worked on dark spots on my neck. I did not experience any significant change in my complexion.

Garnier Light Overnight Peeling Fairness Cream Review

Pros of Garnier Light Overnight Peeling Fairness Cream

-It did work on the spots on my neck, they have lightened now. :jiggy1:
-This product would be perfect for Dry and matured skin with dark spots.
-Contains Pure lemon essence, Fruit AHAs, Vitamin CG, Sugarcane extracts
(Main ingredient of Glycolic Peel)
-No harsh effects like that of regular chemical peel.
-Price is reasonable at Rs 89 for 18 gms.
-In the morning, after washing my face, I did notice more clear and bright complexion. :yahoo:

Cons of Garnier Light Overnight Peeling Fairness Cream

-It’s fragrance is very strong, turn off for many people here.
-My facial skin was all red, this cream irritated my skin a lot. :pain:
-The clear bright complexion in the morning does not stay long.
-This cream is not suitable for oily and sensitive skin.
-Garnier’ claim for this product to be non oily and non sticky is absolutely false, one can see that in the picture above.
-The claim of Skin Lightening within a month is farfetched dream. One would have to harbor patience for at least two months.

Would I repurchase? No, I am currently using Fab India Depigmentation cream after finishing Garnier one.
Overall Rating: 2.5

Note: Please do a patch test before using it on face, as it may be irritating for you like in my case.

Thank you Friends !! :thanks:

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60 thoughts on “Garnier Skin Naturals Light Overnight Fairness Cream Review

  1. Garnier seems to be a real loser brand to me!! 😐 😐 😐 Whatever I’ve tried from it, never worked for me..and this product also doesn’t seem very great!! Nice review Tapaswini!! :waytogo:

  2. i wanted to get this after seeing an advert in cosmo.
    now will not thanks for saving my money tap
    and yes imbb is one big family makes my day too
    :yelo: :yelo: :yelo:

    1. Yesss dear !!!! I was soo tempted by the cream though I didnt want to buy, but my dark spots wanted some treatment!!

  3. I do use their hair color which is nice. I did try the roll on undereye cream but that was no use.

    Thanks for the review. appreciate it very much. When i started to read your review i thought perhaps this might be a product I could use since I have dark spots around my lips (age and all 😕 ) but as i continued to read the review it became clear to me that it wasnt going to be of any use. I am oily/combination and the irritation that you mentioned kinda scares me cos I dont want to take any chances. I will stick to good old lemon juice for my age spots.

      1. try the lotus white brightening emulsion that Rati suggested using that and its really suiting me 🙂

  4. nice review Tapaswini :yes: :yes: :yes: and thanks a lot for saving my money as i was already panning to buy this………….. :thanks:
    Garnier products do not suit to most of the people.Every time i dare to use any garnier product on my skin,,i feel as if i am using some very strong chemicals mixture direct from a chemistry lab. :tremble: coz they are just so harsh on my skin..however,, they say it’s garnier NATURALS……………………… :tongue: :no:

  5. Yesssss absolutely true !!! I should have done patch test !But at all shops testers are not available!! 🙁

  6. Hi Tapaswini,

    Nice review…. I will stay away from garnier now… for freckles, try applying potato juice everyday… it helped my cousin… and also, a cream called biovalley anti marks, which u get at homeo stores….

  7. Nice Review Tapaswini. 😉 . I hate Garnier like anything..” :loser: Company” :finger

    Take Care… :silly: Garnier.. :lol2: :lol2:

  8. cream I havnt tried yet frm garniers… luckly I would say .. but yes, I love their shampoo … they so suit my hairs :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Take Care … ha ha ha

    1. I have liked their one conditioner, name was some ultra doux garnier wheat germ conditioner, fabulous

  9. I worked for me!! I got two shades lighter skin in 2 months…and it did not irritate my skin.Their day cream is not a win so…
    BTW nice reviewreview! 😉

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