Garnier Pure 3 in 1 Wash-Scrub-Mask

Garnier Pure 3 in 1 Wash-Scrub-Mask

Garnier Pure 3 in 1 Wash Scrub Mask

Purifies, exfoliates and helps prevent impurities.

😀 Guess who gave me this :P, my didi of course, but let me tell you that she had second thoughts on giving this away to me :huh: as she loved this product so much that she did not want to part with it.  She gave this to me long back when she had come and now this is almost over.  I cannot describe how much I have used this and this refuses to finish yet. I have been using it diligently in the shower on days that I go out, not every day since I don’t need grime removal every day.  I use my other mild scrubs for days that I am indoors.


This product really does what it claims.  It is anti shine, purifies and scrubs, does an extremely nice job at mattifying skin, something like mint and cool multani mitti, but much better than that and calms my nerves due to its cool and minty feel and heavyduty cleaning.


I prefer to use it in the shower as it states to use it for three minutes like a face mask and that should not be so tough because it can be done while conditioning hair or scrubbing feet in the shower.  So, it is so ideal for lazy house moms like me as I know I should be giving more time to my beauty tools :cry:, but this thing is my one-stop shop for that matte, scrubbed, clean, oil and makeup-free feel in as less as three minutes time 😯


This 3-in-1 wash acts as a face wash if you just use it in a circular motion for say half a minute.  It does not lather and you can wash it off and it leaves the skin very matte (almost dry) and shine free, not squeaky clean I would say as it is not moisturising kind of a wash, but a mud wash. There are medium-sized round granules in it for scrubbing action and that is what I like the most.  The consistency is not so dense, but on the other hand, it is just right for scrubbing oily skin.  Honestly, dry and normal skin may find the scrub a little drying, but I can guarantee the size of the granules is so much better than those apricot one which are not rounded and can be very harsh for the surface cells of the skin.


As a scrub, it is fantastic for oily skin.  The rounded blue beads are perfect for my oily skin and the mud-based scrub is really unique for me.  The mud absorbs oil and the scrub is gentle enough for every alternate day.

As a face mask too, it does a great job.  It says it can be left on for three minutes, but in the shower, I don’t think it dries up in that duration for me, but still, I find it too thick to be left until it dries and hence, I wash it off soon enough and not at the drying stage like I would with other mud packs.


The mud or the base of this wash is very very thick and concentrated, so you can really do with a pea-sized amount for all the three purposes of wash, scrub and mask. It can be a little drying as it really sucks the oil out of the skin leaving it perhaps a little “lustreless.” I recommend it only for very oily skin or maybe for combination skin once a week.   Dry skin steer clear of this pack and wash.

Mud pack

Many of us may find it a little too strong for our taste. Very oily skin will not have any complaints in my opinion, but, it is very thick, cooling, and minty, so I don’t think I would recommend it to very sensitive skin.  Mine is sensitive too, but not extreme and hence, I can use it on days when I need to really scrub clean my face.

Another thing I notice after using this product is that since it leaves my skin matte, I really find my skin to be more even toned and less pigmented with blemishes. So, it lives up to the claim of unifying skin tone for me.

mint pack

Last Word on Garnier Pure 3 in 1 Wash-Scrub-Mask:

Use very little of it since it is packed and concentrated to make skin shine free. Recommended as a very effective mattifying product for “oily” to “very oily skin.” I wish Garnier would introduce this in India very soon as it is very apt for our climate and also for the fact that many of us use mud-based packs so often.

Overall, the concept is really nice and unique and saves money if you don’t wish to buy three different products for scrub, wash and mask. It lasts really long and it is worth everything for your oily skin. Just one precautionary measure, use as little as possible.  Also, remember that it is not a gentle or moisturising product, so choose accordingly.  As this is almost over now, I have been using the L’Oreal clean pad as a scrub every day 😀

IMBB Rating:

4.2 on 5

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  1. i like garnier’s Pure range of products….especially the scrub….i wish we get this in india soon!!!! Looks tailor made for me!

  2. i have the garnier anti acne srub and mask and i like it. if noone wrote about it i might do that 🙂 it looks exactly the same, has a minty cooling feeling to it aswell 🙂

  3. now this is def for me :jiggy1: …i am thrilled that its best for ” oily skin” :yahoo:
    Thanks for the review neha… 🙂

  4. I want this neha :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: It reminds me of my lancome scrub that is soo expensive. This sounds really gooddd and it looks super pretty too. 😀 :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

  5. this one sounds like made for me.. 3 in product.. tht too for oily skin :yahoo: :yahoo:
    i am thinking of getting it through my cousin 🙂 next on my list :whistle:

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