Garnier Pure Active 2 in 1 Make-Up Remover Purifying Gel Review

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I am a hardcore makeup junkie, as you all know. It feels really exciting when we are applying our makeup, but who enjoys removing it at the end of the day? But, we all know that we have to, hence I picked this product up the moment I read its description. It claims to be a cleanser cum makeup remover which would make the life easier, so why not? Let’s see whether it lived up to its high claims or not.

Garnier Pure Active 2 in 1 Make-up Remover Purifying Gel Review

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Product Description:
Garnier Pure Active Purifying Make Up Remover Gel has been specially developed to help fight the appearance of imperfections, blackheads and shine.

How is Garnier Pure Active Purifying Make Up Remover Gel different?
Perfume free, this foaming gel combines anti-bacterial Salicylic Acid with soothing make-up removing agents, providing a double efficacy:
1. Deep cleansing and targets imperfections: effectively unclogs pores, helping to clear shine and impurities and helps protect against the appearance of imperfections.
2. Removes face and eye make-up: removes all traces of make-up, even waterproof, without rubbing. Suitable for use on the eye area and leaves no greasy film.

My Experience with Garnier Pure Active 2 in 1 Make-Up Remover Purifying Gel:

I got this one because it actually seemed like a perfect solution for tired nights!

The Garnier make-up remover cum cleanser comes in a very fresh-looking, white bottle with water splashes all over it. The bottle is sleek and big, but very handy at the same time. The best part about this is the lock system of the cap; it stays locked. This is a great solution during travels since there is no need to worry about it getting spilled in the bag. The pump nozzle is also very convenient to use – one pump and the product comes out perfectly. It sits in my shower very nicely without falling off because of the shape.


Consistency and scent:
The gel wash comes in a very light sky blue colour, but looks sheer when pumped out in the hand. The consistency is very runny and it is perfect as a gel wash. The gel is super gentle on the skin and it is pretty much harmless. It feels like a baby wash on my skin. And the best part is that this gel wash does not contain any scent, so this combo makes it a perfect facial cleanser for sensitive skin and eyes.

product description

As a face-wash:
As a face wash, it works very similar to other Garnier washes. It cleanses out all the excess sebum from my face and I haven’t really seen any pimples popping up. It cleanses the pores well too, but won’t deeply cleanse them like a scrub. It takes off excess shine from the face making it look fresh and matte. My skin actually glows a little everytime I use this Pure Active range. My skin looks soft, supple, healthy and extremely fresh after using this. Hence, it works well as a gentle cleanser.


As a makeup remover:
It did remove all the traces of make-up nicely from my face. It removes a heavy foundation, concealer, BB cream, blush, highlighter and probably everything from the face very effectively. I was a bit disappointed seeing the way it worked for my eyes though. It removes non waterproof makeup and eye shadow too, but fails when it comes to gel liners or long-lasting creamy liners. It does not sting my eyes, but it doesn’t remove all the makeup either. It just dissolves the makeup a bit making it melt and I can easily wipe it off. Since its job is to remove makeup, it failed slightly in this area.


A nice cleanser for everyday use to keep the skin clean and fresh, but do not buy it with the aim of using it as a makeup cleanser. I think every decent cleanser can wash off facial makeup to some extent!

Pros of Garnier Pure Active 2 in 1 Make-Up Remover Purifying Gel:

• A cute and fresh looking bottle with a lock system
• Very handy and won’t spill in the bag
• Super gentle and soothing
• Does not have any fragrance
• Cleanses my face really well
• Does not sting my eyes and removes even non-waterproof eye makeup
• Helps little with pimples, but takes really long

Cons of Garnier Pure Active 2 in 1 Make-Up Remover Purifying Gel:

• Limited availability in India
• Does not remove stubborn or heavy eye make-up
• Garnier tests on animals

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Garnier Pure Active 2 in 1 Make-Up Remover Purifying Gel?
Nope, I wouldn’t because I was expecting it to remove all of my makeup in just one go. I would rather stick to my usual eye makeup removers or oil cleansers.

IMBB Rating:

I really love how gentle this cleanser is. So, sensitive skinned beauties, if you are looking out for a harmless and a fragrance-free cleanser, then give this a shot.

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  1. Hey Saloni! Thanks for the review..

    In fact, just last night I checked this in Superdrug and was not sure if I should buy this.

    Now I wil look out for some other product for removing makeup…:-)

    1. Your most welcomeeee deepti 🙂 🙂 Awwwww i am glad my review helped you on the right timee… yeah rather buy gentle make-up removers or wipes.. this did not work as expected 🙁

    1. Thanksssss a lot 🙂 🙂 ohhhhh, I have never really tried cerave… will try it soon 🙂 yeah this one was definitely very average 🙂

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