Garnier Pure Active Intensive Exfo-Brusher Review

Skin Type: Combination/sensitive with acne scars
Complexion: Wheatish

Hello IMMBians,
We all dream of having a beautiful and clear skin, don’t we? We have been stacking up beauty products meant to give clear skin. I always have! Today, I will be reviewing one of the products from Garnier Pure Active range. I have used Garnier Pure Active range, known for acne reduction, before also. While it reduced my skin issues, it made my skin more dry and flaky. So, read on about this exfo-brusher!
Garnier Pure Active Intensive Exfo-Brusher Review

€8.39 for 150ml

• Discover the unique power of the exfobrusher brush with active ingredients. The exfoliating brush with its purifying formula herb extract, salicylic acid and grapefruit extract reduces the activity of P-acne; the bacteria responsible for skin inflammation. The formula has a purifying and sustained action that leaves your skin glow.
• 170 additional ultra-soft and flexible micro hairs tackle skin problems at the source. A potent formula enriched with 2% salicylic acid with antibacterial properties and HerbaRepair with regenerative properties: works against acne and helps repair scars.
• Proven effectiveness: 28% better than exfoliating effect when applying the same gel hand: better purifies and cleanses everything he comes along.
• Pure Active Intensive line competes with your imperfections. The antibacterial formula is specifically designed for oily and problem skin. The mattifying formula reduces sebum production, skin texture and makes you radiant skin tone improves brighter. The result is a radiant skin!


My Experience with Garnier Pure Active Intensive Exfo-Brusher:

Of late, I have been getting one pimple at a time. That isn’t the problem but the pimples are turning to blackheads and leaving behind dark, ugly scars! I have 3-4 pimple marks on my forehead now and few on my chin. My dream of a clear skin has come to a halt and I have been trying all the different remedies possible! It only recently hit me that I can use Salicylic acid products to reduce the scars on my face and this product came as a perfect choice when I was planning to buy a face wash.


The packaging is a bottle which has a face wash with an exfo-brush on the top. It has a hole inside through which the face wash comes out. The cap is fine and not very tight, but it doesn’t matter as it is only needed to cover the brush. What I really like about the wash is the “on-off” mechanism. When you want the product to come out, you just turn the cap till the arrow pointer is pointing to the on and squeeze out the product needed and rub it on your face. It is so easy to use!


The first time when I saw the exfo-brusher, I thought, “Öuch! Those bristles could hurt!” I thought it to be like the bristles of the handy comb. Of course, Garnier can’t be that stupid to make harsh bristles. The bristles are rubbery plastic and are very soft. According to few videos, the brush must be rubbed in gentle effective motions on your face. Pressing it hard won’t do any good. Using the exfo-brusher is really nice and I always wanted to buy the Olay brush and this is a cost-effective, manual version of the same.

exfoliation brush

The gentle exfoliation also cleared the peeling dry skin I had due to tanning. The wash is similar to the Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash; it is light blue in color and has a gel consistency. When you bring the product out, it mainly foams and makes it easier to apply. You rotate the brush in gentle motions and it lathers and you can then wash it off. After rinsing off, the skin looks so fresh and bright. All the dead skin cells are removed and the skin looks very refreshed. There is a slight mint tingling effect, but I guess it is due to Salicylic acid. You need to follow up with a toner and a moisturizer soon.

I have combination skin and, of late, with regular usage of 3 times a week, I have noticed that a pimple that had popped out recently reduced immediately within a night and has left a lighter mark than the usual. I am also noticing that the marks I had are fading a little. But it is too soon to comment as I have been using this for only 2 weeks now. I have whiteheads on the corners of my nose and this has significantly reduced them. The product effectively cleanses the pores and you can see the difference from the first wash!


I have been trying to use this continuously for a month, one time a day to see the results and I will keep you updated. I was not sure if the product was worth the money, but if it fades away the marks I have like it’s been doing, I don’t mind stocking it up. The brush is not harsh on sensitive skin and is also suitable for dry skin as it exfoliates well. With a very content of Salicylic acid, the product is not a good choice for pregnant women as salicylic acid can cause some adverse effects on the fetus. But you can check with your doctor as it is tropical treatment. Overall, it is a product that shows great results. So if you are trying to fight those acne scars, keep this product in mind.

Pros of Garnier Pure Active Intensive Exfo-Brusher:

• Suitable for sensitive/dry skin.
• Refreshes and makes the skin radiant.
• Exfo-brusher is gentle and exfoliates effectively.
• Fades away acne scars.
Prevents the occurrence of pimples.
• Regenerates the skin.
• Doesn’t dry out the skin a lot.
• Lock mechanism makes it travel-friendly.
• Results can be seen from day 1.
• Leaves the skin glowy and healthy.
• The product REALLY WORKS!

Cons of Garnier Pure Active Intensive Exfo-Brusher:

• Need to be followed up with a toner and a moisturizer soon.
• Due to high content of salicylic acid, it may not be an ideal option for pregnant women.

Will I Repurchase Garnier Pure Active Intensive Exfo-Brusher?
Yes! Who wouldn’t want a clear skin! I intend to buy the complete range soon.

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