Garnier PureActive Apricot Exfoliating Face Scrub Review

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When a girl is asked what is your favorite exfoliator?; Apricots are the ones which get the highest number of votes. Apricots have always worked the best for us to exfoliate the skin and keep it healthy looking. I am happy that we have a good and new competitor in the market. I am introducing to you a new launch from Garnier, which is called the “Garnier PureActive Apricot Exfoliating Face Scrub”. Let’s see why I liked this one.

Garnier PureActive apricot exfoliating scrub

Garnier PureActive apricot exfoliating scrub


Rs 115 for 100 grams

Product Description:

Try the new Garnier PureActive Apricot Scrub. It gently scrubs away dead skin cells to reveal fresh and glowing skin. It contains an exfoliating powder, derived from Apricot seeds and a creamy texture that lightly hydrates the skin while cleansing. Skin is smooth, fresh and radiant with every wash.


Apply on wet face. Gently massage in with fingertips avoiding the eye contour. Rinse thoroughly. Use daily.

Garnier PureActive apricot exfoliating scrub

My Experience with Garnier PureActive Apricot Exfoliating Face Scrub:

I have always preferred to have an apricot scrub on the shelf because apricots exfoliate the skin in the best way. But, some are too harsh to be used everyday. So, I am happy I found a friend that will help me everyday and it is this scrub, which is a new launch from Garnier. It comes in a white inverted tube, which is pretty long, so it gets full marks for the quantity. It has some orange design with a fresh picture of apricot splash. It is suitable for all skin types, so versatile enough. The cap is a flip open one and spill-proof. It has a small hole, which gives us the needed quantity to get that bright clean face.

The moment I opened the cap, I got a very creamy fragrance of fresh apricots. It smells very pleasant and the fragrance is pretty mild. It lingers till you are cleansing the face. The consistency at first did not satisfy me because I have always preferred harsh scrubs! It is a myth or reality I don’t know, but harsh scrubs always exfoliate better than those mini granules. The consistency is creamy with small apricot granules in it. It has a peachy colour and looks like milky cream. A very small quantity is needed to be used at a time. It creates amazing lather on the face, which helps to remove all the dirt or leftover make-up from your skin. And trust me it does remove each and everything!

Garnier PureActive apricot exfoliating scrub

My face was left amazingly clean and brighter than what I expected. When I used it I felt I got my natural skin colour back. I have always felt my skin looked dull and pale, but this totally helped to overcome that. It made my skin look super fresh and healthy. Plus, the creamy part in it also worked great. I have always felt my skin dry out after using exfoliators, but due to it’s creaminess it kept my skin hydrated and gave it moisture, instead of ripping it away! So, that is what I felt was different from the other scrubs that I have used.

Of-course the granules looked small, but it did what I wanted. I felt like it actually gave me an answer to my myth that “Baby although we look small, we do the same work that your big granules do” 😉 . They were super good and left my skin free from any impurities. It left my skin just 1% dry, which is because of the weather I feel or else my skin felt soft throughtout the day. I kept on touching my cheeks. The moment I wander my hand on my face, the skin felt really smooth. So, overall I feel it is very good for every day use and easy on the pocket too. This might surely occupy a space in “your favorite scrubs list”!

Garnier PureActive apricot exfoliating scrub

Pros of Garnier PureActive Apricot Exfoliating Face Scrub:

  • Easy on pocket and will be available everywhere.
  • Belongs to a drugstore brand, which has already some of the good face washes.
  • Very good quantity. Packaging is decent and convenient.
  • It has a creamy apricot fragrance, which is very pleasant to the nose.
  • It is a blend of creaminess, along with exfoliating granules.
  • The granules are small, but they did an amazing job to clean the dirt and dull cells from my skin.
  • It left skin squeaky clean and totally brightened up my skin instantly. The brightness looks very natural with everyday use.
  • The creamy texture lathers well and gave a good hydration to my skin making it very soft and smooth.
  • It is good enough for everyday use, since it does not feel harsh on the skin even though it is an exfoliator.

Cons of Garnier PureActive Apricot Exfoliating Face Scrub:

  • Makes the skin a little dry (It might be because of the season as well).

Would I repurchase/recommend Garnier PureActive Apricot Exfoliating Face Scrub?

Yes, it is a big YES! This is so far the best scrub that I found out in this year and it has suited my skin very well. It did everything that it claimed. The formula is very good and I could not find any noticeable con with this one. Do try this one if you want a good daily scrub for fresh looking skin every day. I am sure that this will help everyone on a daily basis.

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Conclusion: This could actually become my HG exfoliator! Something like this is very necessary for us to have with us, since we are living in a very polluted environment. What this pollution does to us may not be noticed instantly, but we totally deep inside feel scared when the results start to appear that takes a toll of our skin! So, get this and fight the every day pollution!

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8 thoughts on “Garnier PureActive Apricot Exfoliating Face Scrub Review

  1. Nice review dear. I’m using lotus herbals whitening and brightening scrub currently because I wanted to try something different from regular apricot scrub thing. Will try this one when it gets over

    1. Yes do try this one too when you kinda bored with yours… also the lotus apricot scrub works brilliant… 🙂 thanks a lot Harpreet 🙂

  2. Wrote and sent a review on this one yesterday! :p
    It’s a very cute product indeed and helpful when you’ve got no time for self pampering! 🙂

    1. hehehehe same pinch Priyanka.. it just revives the face and brightens it up leaving ti clean and glowing.. 🙂

    1. hahahaha its the same with me.. never the less i try different scrubs but somehow i return back to the ones with apricots 🙂

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