Garnier Pureactive Intensive Charcoal Scrub Review

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I always find this entire charcoal concept very interesting because it promises to purify and detoxify the skin and wow who wouldn’t want that? So, when I saw this charcoal scrub from Garnier, I picked it up without any further doubt and I am glad I did! Scroll to know how it worked for my combination and acne-prone skin 

Garnier Pureactive Intensive Charcoal Scrub

Price: 4.99 GBP/Rs 499 for 150 ml

Product Description by Garnier:
For oily to acne-prone skin that is prone to excess oil and pimples, and you want to reduce them, and help prevent their recurrence.
Its formula combines anti-bacterial Salicylic Acid with a new star ingredient – Charcoal. Known for its super-absorbent properties, it acts as a magnet for dirt to effectively help eliminate impurities and excess oil.
Its foaming scrub texture contains exfoliating particles to remove impurities and help fight pimples. Skin looks clearer and feels cleaner.

How to Use:
Apply to wet face. Lather and massage gently, concentrating on areas prone to imperfections (forehead, nose, chin).


My Experience with Garnier Pureactive Intensive Charcoal Scrub:

Packaging: The scrub comes in a semi-transparent tube in white, red and blue. The tube is inverted which makes it very easy to place the tube near my basin. The tube has a flip cap which closes with a click so there is no chance of the scrub squeezing out. It is a little bulky but can be easily carried during travels. The hole in the tube easily lets out the needed quantity. So the packaging is definitely flawless. It also has the instructions written in a very detailed and a clear manner.


Consistency, smell and feel on the skin: The scrub is a clear one with grey and black scrubby bits. The consistency has more of a gel texture which is pretty gooey. The scrubby bits are perfect as a scrub; neither too harsh nor too gentle. It might feel a little harsh for sensitive skin but I love harsh scrubs, so I am in love with it. It feels very exfoliating on my skin and I can feel that it is cleansing my skin extremely well. It has a lovely icy peppermint smell which soothes and relaxes my senses. It gives a very nice cooling sensation on my skin while scrubbing which refreshes me and wakes me up. The scrub creates a nice creamy lather which cleans the skin and the granules exfoliate my skin.


Results: My skin instantly looks fresher and brighter whenever I use this scrub. I can touch and feel that my rough skin surface is gone and it feels a lot smoother than usual. My skin looks healthier and bouncy. I got a very subtle glow on my face after using this which looked very natural. It gets rid of all the impurities, sebum and excess shine. It leaves my face matte and the oil does not gush up on my face for the next 3-4 hours. I could see some acne which means the salicylic acid was not completely effective but the break outs were reduced. It took a long time to fade my blemishes and acne marks, they weren’t gone completely but they seemed to have faded to a good extent. But the results are very slow and I was actually losing my patience level :-P. But overall, it worked really well for my skin type and I do recommend it to people having skin like mine.


Pros of Garnier Pureactive Intensive Charcoal Scrub:

• Attractive looking inverted tube which is very handy.
• Great quantity hence it will go a long way.
• The scrub is perfect with a gel consistency and beads that are neither too harsh nor too gentle.
• It has an amazing peppermint scent that refreshes the senses.
• It gives a very soothing cooling sensation on my skin which wakes me up.
• It instantly cleanses my skin revealing bright and fresh skin.
• It gets rid off impurities, sebum and dull and dead cells.
• It improves skin surface by making it smooth and supple.
• It cleans my pores very nicely.
• It works on imperfections and slightly fades acne marks.


Cons of Garnier Pureactive Intensive Charcoal Scrub:

• Takes a long time to work on scars and imperfections.
• Availability in India.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Garnier Pureactive Intensive Charcoal Scrub?

Yes I surely recommend it if you have oily skin! It works really well for my skin type and out of all the scrubs from the Grnier pureactive range, this is the one that I liked the most!

I am really loving this “Pureactive” range as it is perfect for my skin.

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