Garnier Refreshing Cleansing Milk Review

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Facewash is an absolute must for most of us and I swear by the neem face washes as they have done miracles to my acne prone skin and I don’t remember the number of years I have been using Himalaya neem face wash and when I came to the Netherlands, I carried super-sized packs to meet my needs. Then I found Clearasil rapid action face wash and it was equally good and I bid goodbye to Himalaya one. While it did great wonders in preventing any pop outs, one thing it did was dry out my skin near the corners of the mouth, creases of the nose and between the eyebrows. I do not know why, but it did look nasty when I applied compact and had to keep dabbing some cream on the dry skin parts. While I was searching the reason behind it, I came to know that the foaming face washes do dry out the skin and cleansing milks are better and so my hunt began and here I am today introducing the first cleansing milk I have used: Garnier Refreshing Cleansing Milk. So read on.

Garnier Refreshing Cleansing Milk Review

Price: €4.59 for 200 ml

What the company claims:
For normal to combination skin, this gentle and refreshing cleansing lotion effectively cleanses and removes make-up from your face and eyes accumulated on your face throughout the day. Enriched with Moringa extract, the cleansing lotion removes make-up smoothly and in just one step. The milk is light and airy, does not feel greasy and provides a soft skin with a delicate fragrance.
How to use: Apply to a cotton pad and remove make-up from your face and eyes, without rubbing.

My Experience with Garnier Refreshing Cleansing Milk:

This was the first cleansing milk I came across in the store and even though I did see a lot others, somehow I had love at first sight with the product! The cleansing milk is mainly for normal to combination skin and as I have a combination skin, I picked this up. I picked up a toner of the same range but I do have dryness on my skin as I mentioned earlier and thus I picked up the one for dry skin to combat the issues I have.


The packaging is good. It comes in a clean white bottle with a flip cap. It is a little bulky so it might not be a good travel partner and I prefer small tubes to these big bottles. The product like most cleansing milks is white in color and has a thick, lotion consistency. The smell is very mild and flowery.


I love my face squeaky clean when I wash it with a face wash and with a cleansing milk it was quite different. During the initial days, I felt that my face was not clean but now I am used to the feeling. It effectively removes, dirt, makeup, mascara and it quite works for waterproof make up too but not very effectively. Once you remove the makeup and dirt off your face and wash it with water, you can feel your face is cleaned, brightened and is also hydrated. I felt like having residue during my initial days but it is just that the cleansing milk is not ripping out the oils in my face. The first thing I noticed when I used it was I didn’t have any more dryness on my skin and there was no greasiness either.


The product doesn’t cause any irritation to the eyes and the best of all, it makes the skin soft and supple without causing any breakouts. You can go on without a moisturizer and I never felt dry like after washing my face with a face wash. The product effectively removes dirt as when I follow up with a toner, I can hardly see any dirt on the cotton. So it cleanses as claimed in just one step!

Pros of Garnier Refreshing Cleansing Milk:

• Removes dirt, make up effectively.
• Doesn’t leave any greasiness.
• Doesn’t cause any breakout.
• Does not irritate the skin or eyes.
• Paraben free.
• Leaves skin soft, supple and hydrated.

Cons of Garnier Refreshing Cleansing Milk:

• Doesn’t effectively remove water proof makeup.
• Not travel friendly for small trips as it is bulky.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Garnier Refreshing Cleansing Milk?
Yes! If you have normal to combination, sensitive skin and looking for an effective cleanser, this product is made for you!

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