Garnier Skin Active Anti-Pimple Thermo Mask Review

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It’s been quite some time since I wrote reviews on face masks. Of late, I’ve been travelling a lot, and during my recent trip to Germany, I decided to buy some handy face masks but, I actually ended up buying a lot of products 🙂 So, today’s review is all about Garnier Skin Naturals Anti-Pimple Thermo Mask. Read on to know more.

Garnier Skin Active Anti Pimple Thermo Mask Review Main

Price: $2
Product Description:
Fights pimples and skin impurities – in 3 minutes
The anti-pimple thermal mask releases a special warming effect when exposed to the skin and frees the skin from impurities and excess sebum which clogs the pores. The formula with salicylic acid and pure clay cleans the pores immediately and deeply and refines the skin image. Zinc also regulates the production of sebum and thus prevents the new development of pimples and blackheads.
• Cleans pores immediately & deeply
• With salicylic acid + zinc
• dermatologically tested


Ingredients of Garnier Skin Active Anti Pimple Thermo Mask

My Experience with Garnier Skin Active Anti-Pimple Thermo Mask:

Garnier Skin Active Anti Pimple Thermo Mask Front

Garnier Skin Active Anti-Pimple Thermo Mask comes in a white sachet. It has two 6 ml pouches, and each pouch has enough quantity for a one-time application. There is a lot of information on the back of the sachet. The pouch is travel-friendly, and thus you can easily carry them around. One of the main reasons why I decided to pick this up was because I had two big pimples that popped from my cheeks, and I wanted them to subdue as soon as possible. Self-heating masks are in trend now, and as this was a self-warming mask, I decided to give it a try. Also, the mask is not very expensive, which is good.

The mask is whitish blue in color and has a texture like any other clay mask. There is no particular smell to the mask but, it does smell pleasant. Though the mask has a semi-thick and creamier texture, it is easy to spread than the traditional clay masks. Garnier claims that you can achieve satisfactory results within 3 minutes.

Garnier Skin Active Anti Pimple Thermo Mask Details

When I applied the face mask, I didn’t feel any warming sensation, like the Montagne Jeunesse Sensuous Spice Self Warming Mask After few seconds, I felt a slightly warm and tingling feeling. If you keep massaging, you feel the heat generating, and this massaging can be tedious. The warming action is very less, and it fails in this case. However, the mask doesn’t dry up and is easy to wash off. The mask adds a radiance to the skin, but it feels a bit powdery and dry on the skin. So, a moisturizer is a must to combat the stretching of the skin.

Garnier Skin Active Anti Pimple Thermo Mask Swatch

The mask controls shine and oiliness on the face for around 2-3 hours. It dries up the pimples, and thus you can use this mask when you have new pimples. The face mask contains salicylic acid and zinc. While they dry out the pimples, they also dry your skin a lot. So, it can be used as a spot treatment than a face mask.

Pros of Garnier Skin Active Anti-Pimple Thermo Mask:

  • Dries the pimples.
  • Makes skin shine free and controls oil production.
  • Adds radiance to the face.
  • Can be used as a good spot corrector.
  • Easy to spread.
  • Travel-friendly.
  • Affordable.

Cons of Garnier Skin Active Anti-Pimple Thermo Mask:

  • Dries out the skin.
  • Doesn’t warm up well.
  • Makes skin dry.

IMBB Rating: 3/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase Garnier Skin Active Anti-Pimple Thermo Mask?
It can work as a good spot treatment but, I wouldn’t repurchase it again.

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