Garnier Skin Naturals Fresh Essentials Invigorating Toner

Garnier Fresh Essentials Invigorating Toner

I have been using rose water as a toner for a long time now. It was mild enough for my skin; however, one fine day, I just got bored of it and wanted to try out some other new toner. I was a little skeptical as I do not like alcohol-based toners. I had used those ages back and it broke me out. So, while out shopping, I looked for toners and  found this one – Garnier Fresh Essentials Invigorating Toner.

Garnier Skin Naturals Fresh Essentials Invigorating Toner

I have been using it for about 2 months now and like it a lot. Here is my review of the same.


I picked it up for £2.49.

Product Description:

This toner is ideal as a daily way to refine skin and achieve a complexion that looks radiant, fresh and toned. The formula removes any last remaining impurities that can cause an uneven complexion while preparing your skin for the moisturiser.




The toner comes in a pale green bottle with a flip lid. The green colour is so pleasant to look at, this was also one of the reasons I picked it up. The bottle and lid are sturdy but there is no proper dispenser. So, you need to be careful when you are dispensing the toner. It is very easy to end up with the toner spilling out.

Garnier Toner

The toner, it’s a clear liquid with a lovely fresh fruity fragrance. It has grape water in it but the smell that I get is of fresh green Granny Smith apples. It is so mild and fresh that I am in love with it. I dab on a little on a cotton ball and wipe my face. It feels so fresh and cool when you apply this and it cleans well. Even on a washed and cleansed face, it removes the last trace of dirt. It really leaves my face clean and fresh. I have combination skin on my face and it works well on all areas. Normally, I use this twice a day, sometimes only in the evenings as in the mornings, I use rose water 🙂

Pros of Garnier Skin Naturals Fresh Essentials Invigorating Toner:

  • Alcohol free.
  • For normal and combination skin.
  • Contains Pro-Vitamin B5.
  • Enriched with grape water.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Very lovely smell (unlike many of the medicinal-smelling toners out there).

Cons of Garnier Skin Naturals Fresh Essentials Invigorating Toner:

  • The dispenser is not good. Chances of spillage or more toner than needed being dispensed is always there. I have transferred a small amount onto a spray bottle for ease of usage 😉

Will I Buy Garnier Skin Naturals Fresh Essentials Invigorating Toner Again?

Yes, I will surely buy this one again.


I would rate it 4 out of 5.

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23 thoughts on “Garnier Skin Naturals Fresh Essentials Invigorating Toner

  1. i like the word ‘invigorating’. it feels only so fresh :stars: . mine is the same skin type so this might have worked..while i am waiting for my Nivea oil controling toner, wud have been fun to try this out. i am assuming this is not available in india.

  2. love the packing of this one. I am completely in love with the TeaTree Toner from fab india. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: using it religiously morning and evening especially to smell the frangrance of it.. :jiggy1: :jiggy1:
    i must say i have experienced considerable difference in my skin now.. :dance: :dance:

    1. Yes…the packaging and colors are so fresh. Good that the Tea Tree Toner works for you. I havent used that but many here seem to like that.

  3. geee.. it looks soo prettyy!! I use only rose water. most toners dnt work for my dry skin. bt guess this would be anice one for summers. looks and sounds so refreshing :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  4. Hello every one :rose: ,
    nice review Dee :pompom: .I have combination skin can anyone suggest me a nice toner,will fab india tea tree toner work for me as well ?:)

    1. Hi Rubina,
      I havent used the Fab India Tree tree toner. I am sure the other ladies who have used it can let you know if it will work for combination skin.

  5. This looks naice! :love: :love: But I haven’t seen it anywhere here in India. :nababana: Pity. :methinks:
    Nice review,hun! :pompom:

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