Garnier Total Comfort (Nourishing+Anti-tightening cold cream)

Garnier Total Comfort (Nourishing+Anti-tightening cold cream)

The weather in Hyderabad has become quite unpredictable, it is raining even in the month of November, I don’t know if I need to call this rainy or winter season! Anyways, let me tell you all about this cold cream that I bought to protect my skin from the cold weather, it’s the Garnier Total Comfort (Nourishing+Anti-tightening cold cream) ! I saw mixed responses from people about Garnier products but I still went ahead & bought it for the simple reason that it is manufactured by L’Oreal, a well known brand!

Garnier total comfort cold cream

What does Garnier Claim?
Garnier Total Comfort cold cream is much more than a basic moisturiser: it works for 24 hours to nourish and protect skin against dryness. Intensively moisturising, it makes skin soft and immediately soothes any feelings of discomfort or tightness.
If your skin is dry, uncomfortable and feels tight. Garnier Total Comfort cold cream protects against harsh winter condition and external aggressions like wind and pollution, which dry out skin and make it more fragile.
Its unique formula contains natural active ingredients such as 100% pure acacia honey, known for its hydro-fixating properties, to help maintain the skin’s moisture.

Garnier total comfort cold cream

Active Ingredients: A complete list of ingredients is not mentioned! The only thing written is: 100% pure acacia honey, for its hydro-fixating properties, to help maintain the skin’s moisture level.
Garnier Total Comfort, for 24 hours of hydration and comfort, and for supple skin that feels like velvet to touch.
How to use Garnier Total Comfort: Apply with light circular strokes from the middle of your face outwards on perfectly cleansed skin.

  • Its high penetration ‘blanket’ texture is both smooth and soft without leaving a greasy film. It is an excellent base for make-up.
Garnier total comfort cold cream 2
Garnier total comfort cold cream 2

Price: I guess its Rs.110 or Rs.115 INR for 40ml (I threw away the carton & it’s not mentioned on the tub).

My Experience with Garnier Total Comfort Nourishing+Anti-tightening cold cream:
This cream comes in a yellow colored 40 ML tub & is rich in texture, it’s like butter ;-). I have a habit of dropping things, does anybody else has the same habit? I dropped this tub so many times but fortunately the tub didn’t break because it’s made of thick glass! I have a combination skin, the product claims that upon application it leaves the skin smooth & soft without a greasy film but actually when I applied the cream I had to rub for some time because it didn’t easily get absorbed in & after a few minutes I could see my face completely oily & greasy! The product claims it would serve as an excellent base for make-up but honestly the cream becomes so oily on the face that you wouldn’t even feel using a compact! Its claim, that it provides 24 hours hydration makes the skin supple, like velvet when you touch is untrue, because it make the skin so greasy & oily that you don’t feel like touching & you feel like taking a tissue out & wiping your face right away! I wanted a cream that would moisturize well, get easily absorbed leaving the skin smooth & supple but this doesn’t look like a mositurizer at all! I tried the cream on my hands & after a little bit of rubbing I could see the cream absorbed in but it still left a little greasiness! I think this will work for people with extremely dry skin! I will first talk about CONS & then PROS, you know why :->
Cons of Garnier Total Comfort

  • It doesn’t act as a moisturizer & doesn’t provide any intensive moisturizing as it claims.
  • It doesn’t make my skin supple & velvet to touch, it makes it oily!
  • It doesn’t have a high penetration ‘blanket’ texture, it has a greasy texture.
  • It doesn’t work as base for make-up.
  • Can’t be used as a basic moisturiser for a 24 hour hydration as the brand claims.
  • Ingredients list is not mentioned.
  • This come in a tub, I feel it’s kind of unhygienic to every time dip your fingers to take out the cream.
  • It’s not mentioned which skin type it suits.

PROS of Garnier Total Comfort

  • The fragrance is mild & is not heavy scented.

Will I recommend this? Not suitable for people with oily or combination skin, I think I’ll recommend this to people with extremely dry skin! When I say extremely, I mean extremely extremely :->

Will I repurchase? I will not repurchase this!

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19 thoughts on “Garnier Total Comfort (Nourishing+Anti-tightening cold cream)

  1. Hey UZma……..the garnier day cream is also the same kind….I think they just gave a new name…it is also thick and does not get absorbed easily and the list of ingredients are not mentioned at all…………

  2. @ monika , I’m glad it worked for you!
    @Anupam, me too liked the jar, it looks nice in pics as well.
    @ Jomol chechi :giggle: ! Too bad isn’t it! A well known brand doing this! :no:

  3. hi uzma
    first of all id mubarak :-))
    i too live in hyd n really stupid weather we have 😛 n yaa even my sister had horrible experince with this and the day cream too ..

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