Garnier Ultra Blends Royal Jelly & Lavender Anti Hairfall Shampoo Review

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Hair Type: Normally soft smooth, thin hair with dry end
Scalp: Oily

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Currently I am enjoying the Garnier Ultra Blends range. I have already done a review on Revitalizing and Intense Repair range. In my hair care routine, I prefer to use a repairing shampoo, one dandruff shampoo and a good anti hair fall shampoo. That’s why I picked the Ultra Blends Anti hair fall shampoo and conditioner. Today I am going to share my view on this Ultra Blends Anti Hair Fall shampoo. Let’s get into the review.
Garnier Ultra Blends Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

Product Description:
Garnier Ultra Blends Anti Hair Fall Shampoo details

Garnier Ultra Blends Anti Hair Fall Shampoo ingredients

Price: Rs. 120 for 175ml

My Experience with Garnier Ultra Blends Royal Jelly & Lavender Anti Hairfall Shampoo:

Packaging looks really tempting and nice. The shampoo comes in a light brownish peach color plastic bottle with a bronzy cap. There is a small leaf mark on the cap which looks very pretty. All the details are nicely described on the bottle; also the bottle never leaks and cap closes tightly. I find it to be a nice travel-friendly one. I really like this fresh cute packaging.
Garnier Shampoo

Ultra Blends Anti Hairfall shampoo contains the benefit of Royal jelly and Lavender. I have never used any product of royal jelly; this ingredient is very new to me. After some research I found that it is really good for hair nourishment and it also helps to promote hair growth. And due to the presence of these amazing ingredients, it smells heavenly. It has a strong smell of lavender and I love lavender fragrance. It’s super relaxing and adds freshness to my hair. I am blown away with its aroma. The smell stays long; it also helps to control the smell of sebum.
garnier anti hair fall shampoo

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The shampoo is normal white colored and medium in texture. It is more on the thinner side and it glides smoothly on hair and scalp. It lathers perfectly with a small amount of product for my long hair. It is also easy to rinse. Basically when I first use it on scalp it gives an instant freshness. This shampoo cleans my scalp and hair deeply. It removes all the dirt and oil from the hair. It controls oil for long and doesn’t make hair limp. But it is not so moisturizing for dry itchy scalp, as it reduces sebum, hence it might make dry scalp more rough or itchy. But it is perfect for oily hair and it also cleans my oiled hair nicely.
Garnier Anti Hair Fall Shampoo open bottle

I can feel my smooth hair while washing them. After drying, my hair looks more polished and soft. It adds a nice healthy shine to my dull hair. It also detangles my hair during washing. My hair looks fresh and smooth. It provides frizz free silky hair. It is easy to detangle my hair after shampooing and my comb goes smoothly through the hair. I always use it along with the conditioner from the same range and the combination keeps my hair tangle free and manageable.
Garnier Ultra Blends Anti Hair Fall Shampoo bottle spout

As an ‘Anti Hairfall’ shampoo, it works nicely to control hair fall. I don’t have any serious hair fall issue; still I have noticed lot of changes in my hair fall issue. During washing, our hair falls normally, a little, but whenever I use it, there is very less hair fall and also I have noticed less fall when I comb my hair. It controls regular fall and makes hair strong. My mom has medium hair fall issue and she also has the same opinion about this shampoo. It can’t stop hair fall magically but helps to reduce it nicely. It works its best with the conditioner of the same range.

It controls frizz and keeps hair manageable but after a certain time period, my hair becomes a bit frizzy. So it needs a conditioner to lock the frizz-less effect. It can’t provide huge volume but it also never weighs down my hair. My hair looks naturally bouncy.

Overall I really like this shampoo as a daily hair fall control shampoo which also provides desirable softness to hair. I can’t say that it can stop hair fall perfectly but it helps to reduce it within few uses. I mostly love its beautiful smell which reduces all my stress with an aromatic touch. It’s a nice experience with this range.
Garnier Ultra Blends Anti Hair Fall Shampoo swatch

Pros of Garnier Ultra Blends Royal Jelly & Lavender Anti Hairfall Shampoo:

• Attractive travel-friendly packaging.
• Affordable and easily available.
• Has a heavenly smell of lavender.
• Smell keeps hair fresh for long.
• Perfect texture glides smoothly and lathers easily.
• Cleanses deeply all the dirt.
• Removes all the oil and sebum from scalp.
• Cleans oiled hair nicely.
• Provides soft smooth shiny hair.
• Controls hair fall nicely.
• Reduces hair fall during washing and during combing.
• Hair looks polished and naturally healthy.
• Detangles hair nicely and makes them frizz-free.
• Contains good ingredients and paraben free.

Cons of Garnier Ultra Blends Royal Jelly & Lavender Anti Hairfall Shampoo:

• Not for dry scalp.
• It needs a conditioner for long lasting effect.
• Not sure how it works on very serious hair fall.

IMBB Rating: 4.2/5

Will I Recommend/Repurchase Garnier Ultra Blends Royal Jelly & Lavender Anti Hair Fall Shampoo?
It suits my normal hair perfectly and it does its job smoothly. You can definitely try this shampoo.

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