Garnier Ultra Doux Nourishing Hair Oil Review

New Garnier Ultra Doux Nourishing Hair Oil Review

Hello Ladies!

This is my first review, so please forgive me if there are any mistakes.

I have been suffering from some hair loss for the last 3 years and I have experimented with a lot of hair oils ever since. When I saw this product with all kinds of nourishing oils, I could not resist myself from buying it. Also, the oils contained in this product individually are pricey as compared to the product itself. Plus, I encounter dandruff sometimes and this product promised to eliminate dandruff saying it has an active purifying agent (although it is not properly mentioned on the bottle which ingredient acts that way) . I have long hair, so I purchased this as its economic too.

New Ultra Doux Hair Oil
What the Product Promises:

With natural extracts of coconut, wheatgerm, and almond oil. In the perfect recipe for daily care for your hair, Garnier Ultra Doux has chosen Coconut oil along with Wheatgerm and Almond oil, known for their nourishing and softening properties, in a gentle formula that leaves your hair feeling incredibly light. This pleasantly perfumed oil also contains an active purifying agent that helps eliminate dandruff with regular use.

Action: From root to tip. This vitamin enriched hair oil nourishes your scalp and hair, making it smooth and soft.
Its light, non-greasy texture washes out easily without any trace of stickiness. Day after day, your hair feels soft, healthy and manageable.



Volume and Price:

200 ml for Rs. 80/- only

Shelf Life:

3 years.


My Experience with New Garnier Ultra Doux Nourishing Hair Oil:

It is a clear oil with a very light consistency. The bottle is light green in color, so while buying it for once I thought that the hair oil might be colored as well. The packaging is very nice, sturdy and spill proof. There is a strong screw cap over a tough nozzle. The nozzle has to be pierced properly to let the oil pass through. It has absolutely no action over dandruff and it left my scalp even itchier. The oil does not get absorbed into the scalp and has no softening properties if applied over the total length. I bought this about a year ago, but kept it unused for a while because of its disheartening features . Whenever I applied it on my hair, my hair tended to be too limp and thin, which I certainly dislike. I have natural long, thick locks and this particular hair oil absolutely did no justice in maintaining them.



1. Nice sturdy see-through spill-proof container (I am going to keep the bottle after I finish using the hair oil).
2. The quantity is good for the price paid.
3. Lives up to the claim of being incredibly light.
4. Contains active natural ingredients.
5. Does not have any offensive smell, although I did not like the artificial smell it has.
6. It is quite inexpensive and easy on the pocket.


1. Does not eliminate dandruff.
2. Does not get absorbed properly into the scalp.
3. Not suitable for dry hair/problem hair.
4. I could not find any nourishing or softening properties when I tried it.
5. It only coats the hair and does not get absorbed.
6. The oil is too thin and runny.
7. The bottle is too big to be carried in a handbag.
8. Contains mineral oil.


1 out of 5 (just for the attractive packaging).

Will I Repurchase?

No. I will try other hair oils or use regular coconut oil.


People with extremely dry hair or with huge dandruff problem should never buy this.

I hope you liked the review. Thank you!

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22 thoughts on “Garnier Ultra Doux Nourishing Hair Oil Review

  1. Whoopsie! Mineral oil and salicyclic acid(?!) in hair oil? :stars: must be crazy to include a pimple fighter to eliminate dandruff..that’s the purifying agent they’re talking about! bad it dint work out, but with ingredients like that, you should be least surprised 🙁 I used to love ulta doux ages ago when they made shampoos..not anymore..more like fallen angel types 😀 and yeah Ruchira you’ve concluded rightly! mixing up coconut almond olive oils with some vit E capsule’s oil will do wonders for your hair and scalp!
    Add lemon juice to the oil mix when using it, not in the entire bottle where u store the mixed oils..will help eliminate dandruff! :phoolan:

  2. Ultra Doux products have always been a fail on my side. I remember two of their shampoos thinned my hair out and made it all frizzy and fried. Even a hair dryer won’t do so much damage. :pan: :idk:

  3. Thanks for the review.. U can try Parachute Hair Fall Control Oil. Its a grey bottle and comes in green package. Very light, non sticky and really worked for me 🙂

  4. I remember I used to buy the conditioners from this range…was okayish types!! :whistle: :whistle:
    Nice review Ruchira :victory2: sad that it didn’t work! :spank:

  5. nice review ruchira…ulra doux products were never of much help to me… as sukanya mentioned earlier i love mixing bajaj almond oil(but it too contains mineral oil :headbang: :headbang: )and parachute coconut oil… but not sure about mixing capsule products and storing (will it stay ok?? ?:) )…. better take cap.evion once daily at bed time 😉

    1. Hi sukanya..
      I think you are talking about bajaj almond drops, it has only a small amount of amlond, try virgin almond oil or pure almond oil, its good for hair and it gives a natural shine to ur hair.

      1. oh thnx vishaki :thanks: …
        actually i live in kolkata, n havent found any almond oil other than bajaj’s and roghan josh..the latter bein a bit heavy on my pocket, i opted for the former 🙁 ..can you suggest ne brand or from where can i get.. ?:)

  6. Hi Ruchira,
    Nice review, i saw this one in Big bazaar, and was thinking about how well it works , although but i wont buy any artificial ingridient hair , was checkin for one of my frnds who have hair fall probs and was searching for a non sticky hair oil for her.. Lukily i didnt buy this one :yahoo: :yahoo: .. And nw i wont ever.. O:)

  7. All those chemical ingredients in a hair oil!!! :shocked: :spank:

    Garnier has always been high on chemicals, I don’t think it will be anyone’s choice in the long run. Maybe for temporary benefits, that’s all! 😐

  8. Hi Sukanya,
    You may try using 3 parts of Hamdard Rogan Badam Shirin with 1 part of Dabur Castor oil mixed and stored in a bottle. But always remember to shake the bottle well before using it as castor oil tends to settle down quickly. In a month of regular use u will notice good result. RamVaan for hair problems. Rogan Badam Shirin is the best & has no side effects as well.

  9. This is my HG hair oil..m so sad it didn’t worked for u.
    I apply this and get sooo soft silky hairs tht shines..I have used ultra doux conditioner with my some random shampoo I didn’t remembr which ine-the results were mind blowing..
    Though most of garnier Facewashes broke me out 🙁 🙁

    It depends more on chemistry of hair I guess!! Its jus TRY URSELF and FIND OUT method !!
    M searching desperately for this hair oil..
    I ws worried tht even is this oil has been discontinued or not … Thnak god its still there.. 🙂

  10. hmmm…had always seen this in the shops bt somehow never picked it up :methinks: :methinks:
    the ultra doux peachleaf n walnut oil shampoo ws once my HG bt dnt find it anymore 😥
    😥 😥 😥 😥
    thnk u fr ur review :dance: :dance: :dance:
    vl nt experimnt wid hair oil n stick to olive oil :pigtail: :pigtail: :pigtail: :pigtail:

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