Garnier White Complete Double Action Face Wash Review

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Today let us go through the review of another recent launches from the Garnier White Complete series. Read on to know about ‘Garnier White Complete Double Action Face Wash’.

Garnier White Complete Double Action Face Wash Review

170 INR for 100 g

Shelf Life:
3 years from packaging

Product Description:
Fight Dark Spots and Get Instant Whitening. Modern life style and harsh environmental conditions add to skin pigmentation and make skin appear dull and dark. Garnier White Complete Double Action Face Wash helps fade dark spots, reduces dullness and gives you one tone fairer skin in one wash.

Apply on wet face. Gently message with finger tips avoiding the eye contour. Rinse thoroughly. Use Twice daily. Follow up with Garnier White Complete Multi Action fairness cream.

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Garnier White Complete Double Action Face Wash Review2

My Experience with Garnier White Complete Double Action Face Wash:

Garnier White Complete Double Action Face Wash Review1

This 100 g tube is travel friendly and if you think you might require a smaller one to carry in your purse or tote, you can always go for the 50 g version. The cap is a nice bright yellow and the nozzle dispenses the right amount of the product when you squeeze the tube. You would require very less for effective results so ensure you take just the right amount. And therefore the face wash is likely to last for long, although it depends on the usage as well.

Recommendations and Usage:
This face wash comes to a total rescue for oily skinned beauties. They would not remember that oily skin they had. I posses a medium to oily skin and I am already worried about my sebaceous glands in the span of just a fortnight. The white clay sure works well in the absorption of oil. I would recommend using this when you know you are going to be wearing some heavy oily makeup or heavy shimmers. Otherwise I would not recommend usage of this face wash in case you have a dry to a normal skin as regular usage can dull the lustre of the skin and make it excessively dry.

Garnier White Complete Double Action Face Wash Review3

Consistency and Texture:
The consistency of the duo colored cream is semi-creamy and texture of the face wash is thick and creamy on the face. Squeeze minimal amount or depending upon your routine, as it lathers well. The creamy face wash is well concentrated to dispense good amounts of the duo foam.

The product is true to its claims except that it could contain a claim stating that it would not suit all skin types. No wonder it carries an instruction stating a follow up with ‘Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream’ but I reach for my Nivea crèmes as continual usage of this face wash can give you a stretchy and dry feeling on the face.

Garnier White Complete Double Action Face Wash Review4

I sort of panicked because of the way my skin felt, like it would not move. It felt stiff and dry definitely not supple or soft. Its advantages – the classic smelling fresh citrus fragrance that gives instant energy and boosts the skin with radiance. The white clay sure has its way of clearing out all the oil and the lemon extracts remove dirt and dead cells. Your face is definitely bound to look instantly better.

If you have got any dark spots, eventually it might fade for the way it performs, although I am not certain about the fairness part. I did not see or experience any significant difference but the instant clean fresh feel, yes. So if you would really give this a go, buy a 50 g one for instant freshness, whenever you want. Initially you might panic in case you experience an abnormally dry skin but not to panic, this product is formulated to perform that way.

Garnier White Complete Double Action Face Wash Review5

Pros of Garnier White Complete Double Action Face Wash:

• Packaging – with all the information
• Available in two sizes
• Economical
• The creamy foam lathers well when water is added
• The lemon extracts give clear skin and remove all the dirt
• Works in favor of very oily skin
• Can be used to remove heavy makeup
• Carries the fresh citrus fragrance
• Enriched with white clay, lemon extracts and Vitamin B3

Cons of Garnier White Complete Double Action Face Wash:

• Continual usage can dry out the skin a lot
• Not recommended if you posses normal to dry skin
• Not suitable for winters
• A cream is required post usage

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Garnier White Complete Double Action Face Wash?
No, I would not repurchase this one as I find it quite harsh on my skin. Also this might itself last for long. If you are really convinced about the performance and have got really oily skin, then only go for it.

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