Gatineau Gentle Micellar Water Review

Gatineau Gentle Micellar Water

Hi Beauties,

I recently ran out of my current oil cleanser, and anyways I wanted a change in my cleansing process. I had tried out a few micellar water brands in the past, but I really did not find it very much to my liking. It was not very effective in removing my water proof makeup, and I had to use loads of product and cotton pads to be sure every part of makeup is off. I found this took me more time than my normal oil cleansing, so I did not venture further into the micellar water hype. Maybe, I did not know the science behind it, or maybe I was expecting some sort of miracle.


Recently I found another micellar water and I got interested again. I went home, did some online research and here is what I found.
Science of Micellar Water Products: The name micelle is given to spherical liquid crystals. Micelles are too small to see. Imagine an Ice cream cone. The head of the cone (which contains the icecream) is hydrophilic (loves water), and the cony end is hydrophobic(loves oil). Now imagine forming a sphere with all the head of cone on the outside and all the poking cony tails inside. A ball formed by many such ice cream cones is a micelle and many such micelles suspended in water ismicellar water. Essentially, micellar water is just lots of micelle clusters hanging around in water.


Micelles are really good for trapping small quantities of oil. So they make ideal mild makeup removers. Products like BiodermaCrealine H2O contain surfactants mild enough to be left on the skin without irritation (no rinsing required!), yet are strong enough to effectively remove makeup. There are probably micelles in a lot of makeup removers that don’t talk about them at all. Micelles form pretty easily, and the end result is a good mild product that is very cheap to make.
Why do we need a cotton pad with it? Cotton is much like water – it’s hydrophilic, and hydrophilic things like other hydrophilic things. So when you splash some micellar water on the pad, all the heads of the surfactant molecules stick to the cotton like so, which leaves all the oil-loving tails free to get attached to other oils or makeup.
We have many brands like Bioderma, Vichy, Rodial, Lancome, La Roche Posay, Yves St. Laurent, L’oreal, Caudalie making Micellar cleansers in the market. These are supposed to be mild, gentle yet effective makeup removers, do not need to be rinsed off, and leave the skin soft, clean and hydrated.

About the product: This gentle micellar water instantly cleanses, removes makeup and impurities and tones skin in one simple step. It contains micelle micro-drops that capture impurities. The non-irritating formula is perfect for even the most sensitive skin and eyes thanks to its moisturising and soothing ingredients. It is fragrance free and does not contains alcohol, colour, silicones or parabens. Skin is perfectly cleansed and toned and feels refreshed, soft and supple. Ophthalmologist tested.

Directions of Use:Apply to damp cotton pads and wipe over the skin. There’s no need to rinse.

Ingredients: Water, Propanediol, Butylene Glycol, Octyldodeceth-25, 1, 2-Hexanediol, Diazolidinyl Urea, Caprylyl Glycol, Tromethamine, Tetresodium EDTA.

Price: 18 GBP for 250 ml product {However, I got it at a 50% discount (around Rs 900/-), and we girls can never leave a discount, can we???}.

My experience with Gatineau Gentle Micellar Water :

The product comes in a transparent plastic bottle. The details of the products are all written over the bottle. It is closed with a white sturdy cap, and is travel friendly. However, the most irritating part I found is the wide open mouth of the bottle. It is really cumbersome to carefully regulate the flow of micellar water every time I use it. Hence, I plan to pour it into another bottle which has a flip cap with a small hole.


The product inside is just like bubble water, transparent, colorless, watery andnon-sticky. It does not have any strong fragrance. You need to pour some product on a cotton pad and then use it to clean your face. I use The Body shop Cotton pads, and I usually need a very little amount to soak up the cotton.
I usually use 1 soaked cotton pad divided into two half-moons, one for each eye. I keep it for around a minute on my eyelids, and then gently wipe it off. It removes my eyeliner and water proof mascara easily. And it does not irritate the eyes at all.It removes all eye makeup in just 1-2 swipes of the cotton.
Then I use one more cotton pad for wiping off the makeup from the entire face and neck. It effectively removes all makeup within 2-3 swipes. I actually found it better than some other miceller water brands in effectively and easily removing makeup (even water proof ones), without using too much product, or scrubbing the face too hard. I find it leaves a sticky residue on the skin initially, but the stickiness disappears within a few minutes. I do not need to rinse my face after using it.


This product does the work of a toner as well. However, for the sake of review, when I used my toner soaked cotton pad, it came out totally clean. It leaves a bright, radiant glow to my skin. It also makes my skin really soft and hydrated.
All in all, I find this product a verygood cleansing water which does remove all my water proof makeup as well. It works very well as a cleanser and a toner. It makes my skin hydrated and soft, and I can easily skip even my moisturiser at the end. This is indeed a 3 in 1 product and can be used by girls who do not have much time in hand or on days when you are very tired or feeling lazy. It can also be carried on travels, and you will not have to carry three separate products for your daily CTM routine. You may not even rinse your face after using this, but I usually rinse my face with water at the end, just out of sheer habit.

Pros of Gatineau Gentle Micellar Water

• Transparent, plastic packaging
• Free from alcohol, silicones, parabens, color and fragrance
• Very little amount needed
• Does not irritate eyes
• Suitable even for sensitive skin types
• Good, effective, yet gentle cleanser
• Need not use a toner along with this
• No rinsing needed
• Initially a little sticky, then stickiness disappears
• Makes skin smooth and hydrated
• Gives a bright and radiant glow to skin
• Can skip even your moisturiser at the end
• Very suitable during travels, or when we are short of time
• Suitable for all skin types



Cons of Gatineau Gentle Micellar Water

• Availability in India
• A bit expensive than some other brands
• Wide mouth bottle

IMBB rating: 4.8/5

Will I recommend Gatineau Gentle Micellar Water Review?

This is a 3 in 1 product, which effectively and easily cleanses, tones and moisturises the face. It is extremely suitable for people on the go. It is suitable even on sensitive skin, and does not contain any known comedogenic ingredient. The bigger size bottle(400 ml) comes with a flip cap and some also have a pump. I just wish that this one also had a pump, or a flip cap, or at least a stopper with a small hole, just to regulate the flow of product. Other than that, I could not find any other major con with this product. I would really recommend this one to all who like using micellar waters.

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