10 Genius Concealer Hacks That you Must Try

By Chanchala Bose

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Concealer is a trick business for me. I always end up making some or the other mistake with concealer use. Also, what shade of concealer should you go for? You have to top the concealer with foundation, so it might look ashy and cakey. So, how to obtain the natural flawless look, that’s a million dollar question. So, without confusing you guys more, let’s begin with some of the genius and must-try concealer hacks.

Genius Concealer Hacks

1. Use foundation before concealer:


We all use concealer first and then top it with foundations. That is the basic reason why your face might look ashy and whitewashed, rather than giving a natural look. So, why not use the foundation first. If you use foundation first, then you will realize that you will end up not using concealer. That way your concealer usage will reduce tremendously.

2. Concealer with a shape:

How about going all geometrical with your concealer application. Draw a triangle with the base towards your eyes area and the peek pointing downwards towards your cheek area. This is proved to give a flawless application and airbrushed look.

3. Keep eye shadows in place:

Many girls face this issue of eye shadows falling from the crease and getting settled or stuck between the eyelashes. So, what you can do is that, layer concealer on your eye lids before applying the eye shadow.

4. Flawless finish:


If you have a pimple at some place, then first apply the concealer and then once it sets, top it with the translucent powder. This will give you a flawless and natural finish.

5. Use a lighter concealer for your eyes:

For your eyes, you should use a lighter concealer. This should be applied on three areas of eyes like inner corner, middle section and the brow bone. This will make your eyes instantly popped out and your eyes will look all fresh and alive.

6. Shortage of concealer:

In case you don’t have a concealer, then you can work with the liquid foundation. What you can do is that, apply the liquid foundation in dots on your concern areas and let it set for some time. Once it sets blend it using a fluffed brush.

7. Two toner concealers:

If you are concealing your pimples or acnes then use a concealer first, which is the undertone of your skin. Like for most of the Indian skin tone, you can use a yellow concealer. Then top it with your neutral or usual concealer.

8. For that dewy effect on eyes:

Do you know concealers can be used in variety of ways for your eyes? How about combining your favorite eye cream with concealer to give a dewy and shining effect to your eyes.

9. Blending with your ring finger:


Under eye area is extremely soft and small in area and delicate too. So, blending with a brush cannot be very efficient. So, try to blending it with ring finger. This way the pressure will be less but perfect for the under eye area.

10. Too dark concealer:

In case you made a mistake of buying a wrong shade of concealer, use it as a bronzer.

So, these were some of the fab tips and tricks of some of the best hacks for concealer. If you know of any more tips and tricks of how to multi use your concealer or take your concealer game a level higher, let us know in the comments down below.

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