7 Genius Ideas To Help You Organize your Jewellery

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Last month being my birthday month, I received loads of gifts and did a lot of shopping during the sale. The end result – lots of stuff at home and hunting for apt places to store. Storing (read organizing) is a huge process for me and I usually like to do it when I have ample time at hand and when I am all alone (I don’t want people to judge me or keep pestering me to finish it off quickly). Storing for me is definitely not dumping stuff in empty spaces in the dresser or wardrobe. I thoroughly follow the principle “Out of Sight, Out of Mind.” And for me to use stuff and create looks they should be visible to me yet without taking lot of space.

Over the past 4-5 years, I have realized that apparels, jewelry and makeup stuff have seen steep increase in terms of the amount brought home from the stores. Hence I too have learnt the best tips and tricks wherein they are visible and placed in a manner in which they are can be handled carefully. I thought of sharing my tips on handling and organizing jewellery in simple yet effective ways with you today.

1) Over time you might have noticed that dust keeps accumulating on the jewelry when not used and if kept in open. Also, cleaning them on a regular basis consumes time and later becomes impractical. It’s most important to store jewelry wherein they are free from dust, visible, and reachable. Also, most often than not, we need to fit these into the sleek spaces in our homes. Store all your hanging earrings or the long ones in this simple yet practical earring organizer. It stores close to 30-40 pairs easily. All the junk lightweight earrings fit easily, are visible and stored in a careful manner in these. Hanging them close to the wardrobe makes it easier to match with the selected outfit thus saving time.

Hanging wall organizer

Hanging wall organizer

2) We all have small stud type of earrings and I am a huge fan of the same. Most often than not, I noticed that the types of boxes available in the market store only 20 pairs or so. Since my collection was increasing on a steady basis, I wanted a one-stop visible storage for them that is easily selectable during rush hours. I had this foam packaging that came with a courier and used it to my benefit. It is also easily available in the stationery stores. I cut it to fit one of the beautiful acrylic boxes that I owned and all I needed to do is just pin in the earring into the foam. I am able to store more than 50 pairs easily as you can see.

Earrings storage space foam

3) For the metallic bangles which shine beautifully in golden and silver colors when purchased and eventually turn dark over time, store them in plastic packets or zip lock covers and dump them into any transparent box. Again easier to pick and choose during those rush hours or when in a hurry.

Bangles in zip lock bag

4) For all other types of bangles, the bangle bag is the best- visible, dust free, beautiful and feminine.

5) Store neck pieces in cloth bags that have transparent sheet on one end with a zip. They stay put beautifully and are very practical. Delicate fancy neck pieces can also be stored in the zip lock packets to prevent them from oxidizing. Also while traveling just pull out one of those bags and get going.

Neklace storage in transparnet bags

6) For other types of neck pieces with beads or pearls that do not get oxidized when exposed to air, get a multi-hook hanger and hang all the pieces next to your wardrobe. Not only do they remain in good shape, look beautiful they are more usable when hung next to the wardrobe and placed back after use.

7) Rings come in different sizes and designs and usually finding a storage solution to fit everything into a single one becomes difficult. Pick a small piece of foam and rotate it to for a tube kind. Now flip the ring onto it. Place these rolls into any box that is transparent to make sure you are able to glance through your rings without opening the box and hence prevent them from dust or dirt. The ring stays in place and the box appears beautiful too.

Ring in plastic bag

Hope you enjoyed my jewelry organizing tips. Please share yours too.

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