7 Uncommon but Genius Uses of Lip Gloss You Need to Try Right Now!

Hope you all are doing well. Most of us here are lipstick and lip product hoarders. More often than not, we are at a loss as we can’t finish out stock. I thought of sharing some tips on how you can put your lip glosses to good use, without just using them on your lips. Here we go!

1. Ditch Your Brow Gel

close up of woman brushing eyebroW

Lip gloss can serve as a great substitute to your brow gel. Instead on investing in a brow gel, use a clear lip gloss and tame your eyebrows by combing them.

2. For Your Eye Makeup

Try using your trusted pink or coral lip gloss for that glossy sheen on your eyelids. A clear lip gloss can also double up as an eye lid primer. Shimmery glosses are perfect for creating some blingy eyes.

lip gloss ways to use

3. Insta-Highlighter

7 Uncommon but Genius Uses of Lip Gloss You Need to Try Right Now!1

Transform your face by using a bit of lip gloss to highlight your brow bones and cheekbones. You would look fresh and picture perfect with no extra effort!

4. Taming Your Frizz

If your stubborn frizz refuses to go away just before your selfie session, lip gloss can come to rescue. Rub some gloss between your palms and gently swipe on your hair to bind the fly-aways. And now go, click-click!

5. Cream Blush

7 Uncommon but Genius Uses of Lip Gloss You Need to Try Right Now!2

Forgot your blusher? Fret not! Your colored lip gloss can replace your cream blusher any day. Mix with a moisturizer or cream for that pinkish, dewy look.

6. Customized Lip Color

A clear lip gloss can help you mix and create your own shade by adding some blush, eyeshadow or lipstick. Vary the amount and colors, and you will be surprised by the end result.

7. Emergency Aid

Slim woman shaving legs sitting on white background

Apply some clear gloss on shaving nicks and mini cuts to control bleeding until you find your Band-Aid.

What say, babes? Ready to use your gloss as a multi-duty product?

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