Get Bold and Beautiful Brows Daily in Just 5 Steps

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Our eyes speak volumes for us. Eye brows are one of the most important aspects of our beauty, because they frame our eyes. Properly shaped and groomed eyebrows can add depth and elegance to our beauty. Here I am, ready to make you explore the brow world.

Get bold beautiful brows daily with these tricks1

For choosing proper shape of your eyebrows follow this simple rule: The rule of the thumb is that the brow arch should line up with the outer edge of your pupil. The perfect length, arch height and volume for you depend on your face shape.

Get bold beautiful brows daily with these tricks2

• A strong jawline calls for even stronger eyebrows. If you lack bold, defined brows, the focus shifts to your jawline. Sharp eyebrows with angular lines help in providing a good face structure. Swap your tweezers for brow scissors and go precise and severe.

• Elongating brows horizontally (not vertically please) balances a long oval-ish face. If the brow tails are sparse, using a powder, extend them a little past the outer corners of your eyes.

• For many, the shape tapers to a sharp point at the chin. In such cases, your eyebrows should emit softness, with a low arch hugging the brow bone. Go easy with the brow pencil and make it look natural.

You can plump up sparse brows in a matter of minutes with good products (check IMBB) and some techniques:

Get bold beautiful brows daily with these tricks3

1) First fill in the noticeable bald spots. Take a brow pencil a shade lighter than your hair and make short, angled strokes in the brow hair direction. Don’t go beyond the natural line.

2) Bulk up the brows. If your brows are very sparse or you have issues of fine hair, skip ahead to step three. Otherwise, lightly sweep a bit of tinted brow gel in the opposite direction of the hair’s growth, moving from the tail to the inner corner. Then, using what’s left on your brush, you can sweep the wand through your brows in the direction of hair growth.

3) Now, using a small angled brush, apply a brow powder over the pencil. This method helps to set the pencil, blends the pigment, and adds natural-looking dimension to your brows.

4) Sweep a clean spooley brush upward through the hair to remove the excess pigment and soften the edges and lines.

5) If you highlight right above the arch, it creates the illusion of raised brows. Use a suitable highlighter or cream eye shadow preferably one shade lighter than your foundation to create an arch directly above your natural arch. Blend evenly with your finger until the product fades but doesn’t disappear.

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