How to Get Rid of Dark Spots on Knees

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Hope you’re doing great. In summers, we tend to feel very embarrassed when it comes to wearing shorts and dresses, due to dark spots on our knees. You can get these dark spots due to various factors like lack of moisturisation, sun exposure, heredity etc. It is very easy to get rid of these dark spots with natural remedies. Let’s explore such home remedies in this post!

How to get rid of dark spots on knees

Baking soda

sea salt, starch in the jar and wooden spoon for recipes of cosmetics at home on a white wooden background

It is very effective in cleansing the skin. It also reduces darkness by removing dead skin cells. Just mix some baking soda with warm water and make a thick paste. Apply this paste on your knees and leave it on for about 5 to 10 minutes. Now, remove this paste by massaging it. Finally, rinse with warm water.

Turmeric, honey and milk

Turmeric is an antiseptic while honey is a great moisturizer for dry skin. Milk is yet another good ingredient as it acts as a bleach. Just mix these three ingredients well to make a thick paste. Apply it liberally and leave it on for 20 minutes. Rinse it off to see the results.

Lemon and honey

honey and lemon

Lemon offers natural bleaching properties and honey moisturizes, preventing darkening of the skin. Mix some lemon juice with honey and apply this paste on your knees. Keep it on for 15 minutes and then rinse.

Natural oil

Dark spots may occur due to dryness as well. In such cases, you must try this moisturizing and nourishing recipe. You can try oils such as coconut and olive to nourish your skin. Just massage your skin with one of these or both of these oils everyday to see visible changes in your skin.

Aloe vera

You can apply aloe vera gel on your knees to cleanse the skin and prevent darkening. You can also consume aloe vera juice everyday to keep your skin super healthy and clear.

Vinegar and yoghurt

Yogurt in wooden bowl on wooden background with blue cotton and wooden spoon

Yoghurt contains lactic acid, which is a very effective bleaching agent. Vinegar increases the intensity of this DIY recipe. Add some vinegar to yoghurt and mix them properly. Apply this paste on the knees to reduce dark spots.

Gram flour and lemon

Gram flour can cleanse the area and lemon offers natural bleaching properties. So just add some lemon juice to gram flour and use this paste as a scrub cum mask. Rinse and moisturise your skin.

So these were some DIY recipes that you can try to see visible changes in your skin. These remedies take some time but are safe and effective, unlike lightening creams. You should also start following a healthy lifestyle and keeping your skin protected from sun.

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