How to Get Rid of Tangles in Your Hair

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Today’s post is about some quick and simple ways in which you can get rid of tangles in your hair. Tangled and knotted hair can be a real pain — literally and otherwise. Apart from being painful and time-consuming, tangled hair results in hair breakage and makes the hair look dull, dry and unhealthy.

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There are many reasons why your hair is more prone to getting tangled up. The most common reasons for tangled hair are extreme dryness, harsh weather conditions, environmental pollution, damaging hair products, etc. Those who have very fine hair (that is large in volume) are especially prone to getting knotted hair.

Here are some tips and tricks on how you can deal with tangled hair easily and effectively:

Keep your hair hydrated at all times

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The key to keeping your hair free of tangles is to keep it hydrated at all times. Whether you use dry oil or a leave-in serum after you wash your hair, make sure that it always has enough moisture in it.
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Don’t sleep with your hair open

If you have long hair that is prone to get tangled up, then always braid your hair loosely before going to bed.

Sleep on a satin pillowcase

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Using a satin pillowcase at night can help reduce the friction against your hair and thus reduce the tangles.

Use a detangling brush or comb

Don’t use just about any hairbrush or comb if you have hair with tangles. Use a detangling brush or a wide toothed comb to take out the knots from your hair.
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Start by combing your hair from the ends

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This is a trick that always works. If it hurts too much to untangle your hair, then always start by combing from the bottom and gradually proceed to the top.

Shampoo your hair correctly

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Make sure not to roll your hair around your scalp while you shampoo. Especially in the case of long hair, you should keep it straight (as it normally falls) while shampooing.

Comb your hair while you have conditioner on

Once you have applied hair conditioner in the shower, allow it to sit for a couple of minutes and comb your hair (while the conditioner is on) with a wide toothed comb. This allows the conditioner to penetrate deeply, smooth out your hair and prevent knots.

Oil your hair at least once a week

Oiling your hair regularly with nourishing oils such as almond oil, olive oil and coconut oil can go a long way in keeping your hair tangle-free and manageable.
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Use a protective hair mask

Naobay Protective Hair Mask

Protect your hair from the pollution and the damaging rays of the sun by using a protective hair mask. By guarding your hair against the harsh environmental conditions, you will ensure that it stays more manageable.
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Apply a leave-in conditioner that detangles

If you need a quick fix for your tangles and also need an instant boost of hydration for your tresses, then a leave-in conditioner that also detangles is your best bet. You can apply it or spray it on as often as needed.
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