How To Get Younger Skin Naturally

Who doesn’t like to look young and beautiful always. There are so many facials and cosmetics available in the market, which takes off years from your skin and face, making you look younger and beautiful. However, looking younger naturally is the best way. As the saying goes, “Precaution is Better Than Cure,” you must take care of your skin and keep chemicals away as much as possible. Read on further for more tips on how to look young always.

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1. Drink Plenty of Water To Keep Your Skin Hydrated: Around 65% of your body is made up of water. It is essential to drink plenty of water to keep your body and skin hydrated. At least 8 to 10 glasses a day. You can opt for tender coconut water, water0based fruit juices like watermelon, grapefruit, pomegranate and so on. This good habit will not only keep your skin hydrated and young looking, but will also aid in flushing out toxics from your skin and body.

2. Eat Healthy: To maintain a younger-looking skin, you should eat foods containing omega fatty acids and antioxidants. You can refer to these articles – Best Foods For Glowing SkinHealthy Food Habits For Hair, Skin, Nails for tips on eating healthy food for your skin. Eating fresh fruits, pulses and vegetables helps to retain your skin’s glow.

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3. Take Your Beauty Sleep: It is very important to give your body and mind a good rest. This can be done by sleeping for six to eight hours in the night. While you are resting, your body cells are repairing, healing and recovering. Your body boosts blood flow to your skin while you are sleeping, so you can wake up next morning with a healthy glow on your face. Restless and sleepless nights can make your skin look drab and lifeless. Not to mention the dark circles and under eye puffiness. So please take your beauty sleep at least for seven hours daily.

4. Skin Care Regime AM and PM: You should maintain a daily skincare regime which includes cleansing, toning and moisturising your facial skin every morning and before going to bed in the night. It is equally important to remove all the makeup, cleanse and moisturise your skin before retiring for the day. While you are resting, your skin repairs and hydrates, to give your face a fresh glow next morning.

5. Moisturise Your Skin Daily: Moisturising is an important regime of skin care routine. All types of skins, normal, dry, combination, oily, acne prone or sensitive, need to be moisturised. Depending on your skin type, choose the right moisturiser. Do not neglect this step. Moisturise your skin twice a day, after cleansing. Opt for moisturiser with sunscreen for day and anti ageing or retinoid based moisturiser for night.

6. Sunscreen SPF Protection:  Never step out without applying sunscreen with a good SPF protection. Sunscreen protects your skin from damages caused by harmful UV rays. Helps prevent wrinkles, dark spots and skin ageing. Be it any season of the year, a sunscreen is a must. You can also opt for spf-based cosmetics and moisturisers.

7. Exfoliation:  You should exfoliate your skin once a week or at least thrice a month. This helps get rid of dead cells and gives way to fresher, younger looking skin. To some extent, exfoliating also helps remove black and whiteheads. You can opt for homemade or natural scrubs.

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8. Face mask: Depending on your skin type, you can use a homemade or natural mask to cleanse and fortify your skin with new glow and smoothness. Overnight masks are a good option. You can do this once week or twice a month, as required.

9. Natural, Herbal and Safe Products:  You can opt for natural and herbal skincare and beauty products. Opt for products processed without sulfates, parabens and silicones.

10. Regular Workouts:  Go for walks, exercise and work out. Sweating helps remove toxics from your body. But do not forget to drink water, to replace the lost water in your body.

11. Stay Calm and Relaxed: In today’s rat race, it is not easy to to stay calm, cool and relaxed. You can opt for meditation, yoga or do some breathing exercises on regular basis. This will calm your nerves, keep you relaxed, healthy and provide oxygen to your body. You can listen to soothing music, this could also help to de stress and calm your nerves.

12. Avoid Smoking and Drinking Alcohol:  Avoid smoking and limit your alcohol intake. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol ages your skin faster. Smoking breaks down the collagen in your skin and gradually decreases the amount of collagen your cells produce. When collagen breaks down and is not replaced, wrinkles form. Smoking also restricts circulation, which prevents your skin cells from receiving adequate oxygen and nutrients. Alcohol dehydrates the skin. Whenever you drink an alcoholic beverage, make it a point to drink plenty of water along with it.

13. Sleeping Position: Sleeping on the same side of your face every night pushes your face into your pillow for long periods of time. Over a period of time, this can manifest lines and wrinkles. Sleeping on your back is the best position for avoiding skin wrinkles. If you are not comfortable sleeping on your back, you can change the side of your face during night.

14. Use Right Pillowcase:  Invest in a soft silk or satin pillow cover. Cotton pillow cover is good but it takes away all the moisture from your skin and causes sleep lines and wrinkles. Try and use silk and satin pillow cases. Pillow covers with self designs can be abrasive and cause inflammation to your skin. Softer pillowcases are less abrasive and minimises inflammation, which is one of the root causes of skin ageing.

I hope the above information is useful to you all. Thanks for reading!

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