Gili Islands- Just Paradise!

gili islandsWanting a tropical, sunny, relaxing location for your next holiday? That’s a perfect honeymoon getaway or even to bring your whole family, what ever your after this is a number #1 place I recommend on checking out.

The Gili Islands, Lombok, Indonesia is located on the North West corner of Lombok, Indonesia. Situated there are three idyllic islands where the sand is sandy white, the water is crystal blue and the coconuts are ready to be eaten. This surprisingly perfect destination is for everyone, young, old, whatever, there are hotels, bungalows, and cottages to suit all needs.

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Like a holiday that is jam packed of fun activities? Well the Gili Islands are full of them ranging from, snorkeling, scuba diving, horse riding, sea kayaking, golf, deep sea fishing, trekking Mt Rinjani and Komodo or simply relaxing on the beach watching the beautiful sunsets, sipping your fresh Pina Colada.

gili islandsAnd if you are environmental friendly you will be happy to hear that there is no motorized transport on the Gili’s. No motorbikes, Scooters or cars are allowed, so the form of transport is, walking, riding a bicycle or a horse and cart, know as cidomos. The air you breathe is so pure and fresh, other countries around the world need to take a leaf out of the Gili Island book. Its so peaceful and natural.

Consisting of three islands, Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air, all completely different and accommodating to what ever sort of holiday your after.

Gili Trawangan  is the largest of the three and attracts the majority of the visitors. Filled with luxury villas and hotels with many of them catering for families with children offering baby sitting services and children activity’s. This Island is also a great hit with the youngsters, ranging from all sorts of nightclubs, bars, restaurants and the occasionally beach party.

gili islands hotelsGili Meno is only a kilometer away from Gili Trawangan and is the smallest island of the three, with only two kilometers long and wide. This island is by far the most peaceful and undeveloped of them all and is the perfect location for honeymooners and romantic getaways. Don’t expect top level accommodation as like Gili Trawangan but with beautiful Thai style huts and cottages for some it is all that is needed. Restaurants and cafes are spread out along the beach front of the whole island and is great for fresh seafood. The number one thing to visit when on Gili Meno is the Turtle Sanctuary and Bird Park which is very interesting a captivating, also if you’re a scuba diver or want to learn diving, Gili Meno wall is a must, during the day seeing many turtles relaxing on the coral beds or gracefully swimming past you. Blissful.

And lastly my favorite of the three, Gili Air. Gili Air is the closest to Lombok mainland and is roughly a two and a half hour walk around the whole island.  This island is more suitable towards the budget traveler and tropical island explorer, but with also finding some very nicely priced and comfortable hotels and cottages. A lot of visitors prefer Gili Air for its relaxing atmosphere and the feeling of being apart of such a close knit community. The island is not renowned for its party vibe but does hold a pretty good full moon party every few months as well as the locals will put on a beach party here and there. The snorkeling is beautiful on Gili Air as the water is quiet shallow and clear. Other than that there are restaurants and cafes all around the beach front with great happy hour specials while getting the fabulous feeling of fitting in with the locals.

Sound like your kind of getaway? With great sales usually on Air Asia, Virgin Blue and Guarda Airlines this is a one in a lifetime trip that won’t blow your bank account. Also for some great information and all details how to get there check out the Gili Islands webpage,

A truly amazing place that you wont regret visiting, this is the place we all sit and dream about while working hard in the office….Just Paradise!

P.S.- While check accomodation rates or otherwise, remember that 1 Indian Rupee = 197 Indonesian Rupiahs.

Images: The first image was taken by Emma herself during her stay at Gili islands.

Source, image 2 & 3.


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