Gillette Venus Oceana Disposable Razors Review

Hello girls! 😀

The weather recently was extremely unexpected, right? Rains in February/March? I mean are you serious!? Although, it was a great climate for long drives and I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I 😀

Back to the review 😛 I got these razors after my Venus cartridge wore out. I read the word Oceana and was intrigued (as usual 😛 ) and so I got it. Read on to know how it fared for me 😀
Gillette Venus Oceana Disposable Razors5

Price :

I bought it online for ₹235 for 2 Razors.

Description & Claims :

1) Close Shave and Touchable Smooth Skin in just One Stroke.
2) 3 Blades Surrounded by Soft Protective Cushions.
3) Pivoting Rounded Head to Fit Easily into Hard to Shave areas.

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Gillette Venus Oceana Disposable Razors6

Features :

1) Moisture-Rich Strip with Lubricants & a Touch of Aloe.
2) Specially Designed Handle for a Great Glide & Control.
3) Blue in Colour and Perfectly Figured Handle.
4) 2 Disposable Razors in 1 packet.
5) Comes in a Peel-Off Plastic Box.

Gillette Venus Oceana Disposable Razors1

Gillette Venus Oceana Disposable Razors2

My Take On Gillette Venus Oceana Disposable Razors :

The razor works very well for me. It glides smoothly and I’m done with it within minutes! It doesn’t feel like a razor at all, no tugging/pulling and no nicks/cuts! How cool is that? It’s great and leaves my skin soft afterwards. But you do need to moisturize after shaving. The pivoting head helps reach the difficult corners which is a big plus point! I had a great experience using the Gillette Venus and now this one, too! 🙂 I’ll surely be getting the same as I’m done with these.

Gillette Venus Oceana Disposable Razors7

Gillette Venus Oceana Disposable Razors8

Strengths of Gillette Venus Oceana Disposable Razors :

  • True to its claims.
  • Works effectively.
  • Glides smoothly.
  • No tugging/pulling/scratches/nicks/cuts.
  • 2 razors in 1 packet.
  • Conditioning with aloe.

Gillette Venus Oceana Disposable Razors3

Gillette Venus Oceana Disposable Razors4

Flaws of Gillette Venus Oceana Disposable Razors :

  • Availability.
  • Won’t work as effectively on hair longer than 3mm.
  • No cartridges available as of now.

Conclusion on Gillette Venus Oceana Disposable Razors :

Although I don’t really understand the difference between this and the original Gillette Venus , I am really impressed with it. It works amazingly and completes its work within minutes! Buy it is all I need to say now!! 😀

IMBB Rating :


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Would I Repurchase Gillette Venus Oceana Disposable Razors ?


Tips for shaving:

1) ALWAYS use baby oil (Johnson’s, preferably) to soothe your skin after shaving.
2) NEVER use a cream/body lotion/moisturizer after shaving.
3) If you find an inflamed region on your skin, apply ice immediately as it will cool the area.
4) NEVER scratch after shaving and especially not an inflamed region after shaving. Instead, apply baby oil to avoid irritation.
5) Neutrogena’s Rainbath Shower Gel can be used as a great shaving gel.
6)ALWAYS keep a separate razor only for your face and underarms.
7) Don’t press too hard while shaving otherwise you’ll end up with cuts.

Hope you found my review helpful 🙂 Thank You for reading!
Xoxo ♥

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