Gillette Venus Razor Review

Gillette Venus Razor Review

This is a love story. It is the story of a knight in a shining armour, saving his damsel in distress from a lifetime of pain, shame, and torture. It is the story of my “Gillette Venus Razor.”

Gillette Venus Razor Review

For those who have read my previous post, waxing vs shaving, this should be easy to understand. For the rest, please refer to that article every time your head goes, “shaving?!*GASP*”, while reading this article.

I myself grew up with the notion that razors are, at max, an emergency saviour to be kept hidden away in the back of the closet away from regular use. Thus, only a temporary solution, a task manageable by a disposable razor (used the Gillette satin care disposable one).  I guess it never worked the intended way though, because my closet, at any given time, stored at least 2-3 of them, and I found myself reaching for them more often than I expected. It took me time, but eventually I realised that I much preferred shaving despite all the omens attached to the poor fella’s image. One fine day, while browsing online, I decided to buy the Venus razor.

Not a single day has passed when I haven’t thanked Lord for giving me the insight to do that. There’s been no looking back. Now, I do not dread smooth hairless legs, because now smooth hairless legs do not mean a painful visit to the waxing aunty!!

The Venus is one of the more basic razors from Gillette. A blue, translucent plastic body, a white rubber handle for a firm grip, an angled neck, and a very flexible but sturdy spring-loaded head. The face (:P) looks pretty, with cushioning, an aloe strip, and a triple bladed mouth, that eats hair like there’s no tomorrow.

I bought it online for INR 199 which is very reasonable. Availability is not an issue, neither online nor offline.

Gillette Venus Razor Review

Product Description:

The first 3 bladed razor designed for Women.  The Venus Original razor features protective cushions surrounding 3 blades for a smooth, close shave in just one stroke.  3-blade cartridge gives an ultra close shave. Protective cushions for a nick-free shave. Interchangeable Razor Blade. Refill Cartridges. Shaving Compact for in-shower refill storage. Soft grip handle for no-slip control.

Gillette Venus Razor

My Take on Gillette Venus Razor:

I had been using the disposable Gillette razor on and off for years. It wasn’t something I looked forward to, but it was worth keeping for the emergency times. Also, I didn’t know any better then, until I had used and thrown so many of them that I decided to get a non-disposable one. It was only after buying the Venus razor that I realised what I was depriving myself of. The disposable razor now came across as a very obviously rough, inefficient, unsafe and tedious counterpart. Easily disposable indeed. I have since used the Venus razor almost regularly, on dry skin (not even damp), on wet skin, on soaped skin, and the proper way, with some shaving cream on it. The efficacy of the shaving is unchanged. However, with shaving on a soaped skin, my skin did get dry and itchy, albeit smooth and sexy.

Gillette Venus Razor

My Directions:

With the Venus razor, shaving is a breeze. Just put the razor on your leg, it will angulate itself. Then draw it towards you with a not-so-hard hand. You will not even realise when it happens but you would end up with a patch of smooth skin. No tugging, no nicks. So on and so forth you go around your leg. There would be no missed hair. No double takes required.
After you’re done, rub your hand over your leg, especially in the direction opposite to your hair growth. If you had exfoliated before your shave, and don’t have any bumps from ingrown hair, etc., I promise you will not feel anything. It is as close a shave as can be. I was surprised by how smooth my skin felt after my first use. There was no way to tell I had shaved and not waxed.

This product is a keeper. A friend in need, a friend indeed!

Pros of Gillette Venus Razor:

  • All the pros of shaving over waxing.
  • Highly affordable.
  • Very efficient – no missed hair, no re-shaving required (triple bladed).
  • Very safe, no nicks or cuts (pivoted head, cushioning).
  • Long lasting, I have used mine for months now, and still don’t feel the need to renew.
  • Refillable- cartridges available easily.
  • Easy availability.

Cons of Gillette Venus Razor:

  • All the genuine cons of shaving.
  • Not specifically designed with a hair growth retardant.

Would I Repurchase Gillette Venus Razor?

For my entire life.

Would I Recommend Gillette Venus Razor?

Yes, to anyone and everyone who wants to try shaving.

IMBB Rating:


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51 thoughts on “Gillette Venus Razor Review

  1. Waiiit so if I’m shaving my leg for example, I have to run the razor go from ankle to knee and not the other way round? I also (still) use the disposable ones, I think I should make the switch now. Thanks for the review!! 🙂

    1. Oh that’s a very subjective thing i guess. I alsways shave from ankle to knee but some prefer knee to ankle. There’s also enough debating on this issue, which one’s closer, which one leads to less itching and stuff. We’ll have to find out for ourselves 🙂
      And STOP using the disposable one and get this one! You will know what I mean only then. I now hate the disposable ones like I’ve been cheated for half of my life :/

      1. Ah, kk haha I end up getting nasty nicks and cuts though 🙁 I use the Gilette Sensor Excel for women shaving cream (the blue one) and somehow still get cuts. I really should stop using those, I actually used another Venus one (Vibrance) which somehow got lost, it’s bright pink with a vibrating head for a better shave, and it was awesome too! I know how could I lose it, right? But I have no idea where it went :/

    2. I do the ankle-to-knee thingie too. They say that shaving in the direction of hair growth helps minimize ingrown hair, but shaving against it gives you a closer shave. And if you exfoliate regularly, you won’t have any ingrown hair either way 😀
      I, too, use disposable razors. I think I’ll buy this now.

  2. Pragati Thanks for the review this looks promising I will hunt for it.. I don’t quite like the Satin care one it doesn’t give me an absolute smooth skin on shaving..

    1. You’re most welcome. If you’ve used the satin care, please say sorry to yourself and get the venus razor now 😛 It’ll come as a pleasant surprise to you how pleasurable shaving can be 🙂

  3. My hair growth on my legs is coarse. Shaving it lasts me only a couple of days. prefer waxing, since it lasts me 7-10 days, after which my growth starts again in little spurts and patches. But nevertheless I need to try this one out and check for myself.

    1. I have coarse hair too 🙁 My shave lasts hardy 2 days :/ If i get waxed, it lasts upto 3 weeks 🙂 But I’m still liking shaving right now 😛 In case you want to try shaving, try it with this razor 🙂

  4. I use this already for bikini area.. and on hand and leg when going to parlor for waxing is not possible.
    This razor is far better then the one time use razors… nice review Pragati 🙂

  5. Hey Nice Review…will surely try this once…

    Sorry to put this query here but i wanted to know how to post a review here, sorry but i m new here…

    Thanks in Advance,

    1. Hey Rati,

      I m new here but i am a regular reader of your blog. Wanted to know how do i post review of an product here.


    2. It’s exactly that kind of product. Reliable. You can always go back to it. Must always stay in stock 😀

  6. Hi there,
    I loved your last post of Waxing Vs Shaving. I always hated waxing since the first time I did it but put up with it due to lack of options, though lately I’ve noticed an increased concentration of ingowths on my legs since my last ordeal and have been considering shaving as an alternative. I’ve been really confused about the process though and was wondering which site you got your razors and shaving creams for online, how long can you use one set of razors before changing them and how many times is it recommended to shave in a week?

  7. I just bought this razor last week.. Totally agree with u Pragati.. Compared to old gilette razor, this one is a definite winner..

  8. Nice review!! I use this too!!!!!! N I absolutely love it. One question though: Which shaving gel/cream do u use?? Are there any for women? I use soap n it dries out my skin like anything
    🙁 🙁

  9. This is definitely the best razor available in India. But if you can get someone to bring you something from the US, I’d highly recommend the Venus Breeze razor over the ordinary Venus. It has 5 blades instead of 3 and gives a super-smooth shave.. Plus one cartridge lasted me nearly a year! I find the ordinary Venus very rough on my skin in comparison and it doesn’t last very long either.

    Venus Breeze is around 14$ in the US, but TOTALLY worth it. The ordinary Venus is good otherwise but if you can get the Breeze, nothing like it!

  10. Oh sorry, I got the name wrong – I meant Venus Embrace, not Breeze. But Breeze has a built-in shave gel bar so you can try that on the days you run out of shave gel. 🙂

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