Giorgio Armani 502 Boudoir Ecstasy Lip Lacquer Lip Gloss Review

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You know how we all get into a certain phase with our makeup where we try endless products of the same type, till we get tired of it. 😛 Well for me, they are shimmery lip products for now. After using the Tom Ford Lip and Boys lipsticks (most of them were shimmery), I decided to go with shimmer lip glosses. This review will be on the Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Lacquer in the shade “502 Boudoir.”
Giorgio Armani Boudoir Ecstasy Lip Lacquer Lip Gloss

Product Description:
A high gloss, vivid color, long-wearing lip stain that is non-sticky and non-drying.

What it does:  It has the shine of a lacquer, the color and comfort of a lipstick, and the hold of a stain. Ecstasy Lacquer comes in pure, intense shades and high-impact pearly, metallic shades. Formulated with Armani’s innovative Liquid Vinyl Technology, it’s infused with the highest concentration of water soluble pigments to allow for pure, vivid color impact for maximum long-wear. It is enriched with glycerin for easy application and long-lasting hydration. Apply one layer for a subtle touch of color, layer over any Armani lipstick as a top coat, or layer it on for a bold, statement lip.
Shade label

Shade name

My Experience with Giorgio Armani 502 Boudoir Ecstasy Lip Lacquer Lip Gloss:

Packaging:  This lip product comes in a long, glossy black tube with a small transparent part on the end, through which you can see the shade of the lip color. It has the signature GA logo on the cap. The cap closes securely. The applicator is a thin and long lip gloss wand which helps apply the lip product with precision along the edges of the lips.
Armani Lip lacquer

Texture/Consistency:  This lip lacquer applies with a watery thin consistency on the lips which helps it spread smoothly and evenly without streaking. Within minutes, it settles to a thicker, gel-like consistency on the lips. This reminds me very much of the YSL glossy stains which have the same exact quality about them.

Even after it sets, you can still apply a second layer without a problem of it not messing in with the existing layer.

Feel on lips:  As this lip lacquer settles to a gel finish, it forms a thick layer and hugs onto your lips. It does not bleed and does not move around. There is a moderate sticky feel to them, which helps make these lip glosses to be long wearing. There is very a mild tingling sensation during the initial couple minutes of wear, but it goes away quickly.  It feels pretty comfortable on the lips. It is not drying nor is it too hydrating, but due to the glossy finish, it smooths over fine lines and dry patches without accentuating them. After I remove it at the end of the day, my lips do feel a bit parched and in need of some lip balm.
Applicator wand

Pigmentation:  This shade applies semi opaque on one layer, which is still good enough to cover pigmented lips, but two layers give a complete full coverage and opaque look.

Shade and Finish:  The shade “502 Boudoir” is a medium bright pink with lots and lots of minute golden shimmer. The shimmers are in generous quantity hence if you are opposed to the idea of shimmery lips, you should stay far away from this. When you step out in direct light, it will literally look like a 70s disco theme party is happening on your lips (words of my hubby :P), but having said that, I do not think the shimmers make you look like you just dug into a teenager’s beginner’s makeup kit, but instead there is something sophisticated about this lip lacquer. This would be a perfect accessory for a glam party night as it surely draws all the attention to your lips, making them shine and sparkle like diamonds.
Swatches on hand

The finish is super glossy and the shimmers add to the shine making lips look so full and pouty. The closest I can describe the finish is like a glass finish snow globe, showcasing floating shimmers.

Staying Power:  The high glossy finish stays on your lips for 4-5 hours, which is very impressive. There is very minimal transfer onto cups and glasses when you drink, unless you deliberately press your lips – it is not kiss proof. The shimmers do become more and more apparent on the lips as the shine wears down. The color however wears on and on over the lips, like a stain for 8-9 hours or until I remove it will a makeup wipe. It leaves a strong reddish pink stain on the lips.

There is no off-putting fragrance. The fragrance is very very mild, almost undetectable when on the lips.
Pink lips

Overall, there are many qualities about this lip product which most people may not like  – namely the overwhelming presence of shimmers, the moderately tacky feel on the lips, but if you are someone who can look past these minor cons, it’s an absolutely fantastic product. This is one of the longest-wearing high-shine glosses for the lips which delivers full opaque pigmentation and also works as a lip stain. If you are looking for a next statement lip without going the dark color route, I suggest you give this one a go. I highly recommend this lip lacquer.

Pros of Giorgio Armani 502 Boudoir Ecstasy Lip Lacquer Lip Gloss:

  • High shine.
  • Full opaque pigmentation in 1-2 layers.
  • Beautiful wearable color.
  • Super glossy finish.
  • Long wearing.
  • Stains the lips.
  • The sparkles draw attention to the lips in an eye-catching way.

Cons of Giorgio Armani 502 Boudoir Ecstasy Lip Lacquer Lip Gloss:

  • Overwhelming presence of shimmers, but since I wanted that look, I don’t mind it.
  • Moderate tacky feel which helps prolong the staying power of the lacquer.

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