Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro – #401 Tibetan Orange

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro – #401 Tibetan Orange

When Giorgio Armani launches a product – time stands still. Their products are raved (even ranted) about – from the Maestro Foundation to their Lip Maestros to the recently released Rouge Ecstasy, better known as the CC Lipstick, the products have taken the world by storm. You will see every International beauty blogger talking about it, swatches all over the place – needless to say, I had been lemming for these for some time. Finally, I get to bring to you one of the game changers in today’s lipstick world – GA Lip Maestros. The reason I say game changer is because, post their launch, a number of other companies (latest being Lancome) is trying to come out with similar product line.

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro - #401 Tibetan Orange


Though you would see them categorized at a number of places as lip gloss, I beg to differ. These are way too pigmented to be lip glosses. They are actually liquid/cream lipsticks.

The Product Details (from the website):

The first lip stain with a comfortable velvet texture and a radiant finish. Intense, seductive, illuminating color. Giorgio Armani introduces Lip Maestro: the next generation of lip color. Lips appear instantly plumped and radiant. The sensual, non-sticky texture offers hours of hydration

Concentrated pigments permeate the gel formula, offering an incredible depth of color. No underlying white “base” means color stays true for a flawless, matte and glowing finish.

Giorgio Armani – Lip Maestro - #401 Tibetan Orange (5)

Shade Details:
Intensify your color experience, available in a spectrum of twelve shades.
• 500 – blush
• 501 – casual pink
• 502 – artdeco
• 503 – red fushia
• 504 – ecstasy
• 300 – flesh
• 401 – tibetan orange
• 402 – chinese lacquer
• 400 – the red
• 200 – terra
• 201 – dark velvet
• 202 – dolci


Giorgio Armani – Lip Maestro - #401 Tibetan Orange (7)

“With Lip Maestro, we wanted to create pure, vibrant colors that fit with every complexion. Outstanding, luxurious colors enhanced in a luminous matte formula.”
-Linda Cantello, Makeup Artist for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics


US $32


The product comes packaged in a lip gloss kind of packaging with GA logo prominently displayed. The cap is red in colour, while the tube with the product is transparent. So its easy its to identify the colour, in case you have more than 1 of these. Try them, you will end up having more than one!! LOL!!

The bottle comes packaged in the standard GA black outer box.

The applicator is a soft and bendy – refer pics. Makes for easy and precise application.

Giorgio Armani – Lip Maestro - #401 Tibetan Orange (2)

My experience with Giorgio Armani – Lip Maestro – #401 Tibetan Orange

Color: The colour is named “Tibetan Orange” and that’s exactly what it is – bright and bold orange. Definitely not for the faint hearted. This one is pretty much in your face. However, it isn’t garish (Like MAC Neon Orange or even Morange).

When using this colour, you better ensure that it takes centre stage – meaning, everything else needs to be subtle. I could use NARS TajMahal with this but prefer to use a bronzer so that there is nothing competing with this colour. It won’t like or accept competition!Alternatively, black liner and this – you are done!

Texture: The liquid lipstick is lightweight – it’s a mix of gel and velvet. When applied it has a natural sheen (no shimmer or glossiness), however, in an hour, it settles to a matte finish. Though matte, the product does not dehydrate the lip. Rather it wears very comfortably without accentuating the lines. I am the perfect candidate to test it as I have fairly dry lips which do not go well with matte lipsticks. This one is an absolute exception.

Giorgio Armani – Lip Maestro - #401 Tibetan Orange (1)

The product is easy to apply form the applicator. It goes on smooth and evenly – no patchiness whatsoever.

Pigmentation: This one is INSANELY pigmented – 1 light swipe deposits 100% colour. You actually need very little product for full, even application – a little does go a long way. The colour is opaque in the first swipe itself and hides lip pigmentation.

Lasting power:The product lasted about 7-7.5hours on me – it sure is long-lasting. It will not come off fully on its own – you will need to use a makeup remover or cleanser for this. It leaves behind a soft stain – nothing garish.

The only flip side I felt was transference. It transfers on touch. The transfer has a powdery feel.

To sum this up for you:

Pros of Giorgio Armani – Lip Maestro – #401 Tibetan Orange

1. A bold and beautiful color– you need loads of confidence to carry this one!
2. Lightweight texture – mix of gel and velvety feel.
3. Excellent pigmentation – Opaque in a single swipe.
4. Hydrating despite being matte! How often do you hear these words??!!
5. Easy to apply with the applicator
6. It applies smoothly and evenly – no tug or pull!
7. Does not settle into the fine lines of the lips
8. Lasts for about 7-7.5hours
9. No feathering or bleeding
10. Iconic Luxe packaging
11. Easy to identify colour from the tube itself.

orange lipstick

Cons of Giorgio Armani – Lip Maestro – #401 Tibetan Orange

1. Not available in India
2. Though easy to apply with the applicator – one has to be careful – the colour is extremely bold and mistakes will look garishly visible.
3. Powdery transference

IMBB Rating:

A 4.9/5 product (I deduct a little for the transference – else it would be Purrrrfect!!!)

The product is fantastic – I can understand why the International blogosphere has been abuzz with this. The colour, the look and feel of the product is sensational. This could well be the most comfortable matte lipstick I have ever come across. I am delighted to share this find with you. Do share your thoughts on it through your comments – for me, reading your thoughts is best part of blogging!

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24 thoughts on “Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro – #401 Tibetan Orange

  1. Ohhh my goooodnessss *woot* *woot* *woot* it is insanely pigmented as you said *drool* *drool* *drool* and it is such a rocking and hawwttt shade yaaa *drool* *drool* *drool* you carrying it very very well *clap* *clap* *clap*

    1. *thankyou* *thankyou* Yes, it is indeed a gorgeous colour. WHen the colour itself is so fab, it doesnt take much to look good. *hihi* *hihi*

  2. Gosh dats beautiful.. *clap* it looks totally flattering n vibrant on u kk.. *pompom* *woot* I always wanted to try these luxury brands, seems I finally got the reason to get them now.. *happydance* *happydance* *drool* worthy collection n pics kk.

    1. *thankyou* Neetu! Glad you liked the colour! N Im happy that you got goodies from the Black Friday offers! Im Sooooooo Jealous!!! *devil* *devil*

      Look forward to seeing their reviews online! *puchhi*

  3. ur boldest orange lippyyyy…..and it looks so good on u…!
    GA cosmetics are ultimate luxe…..u give us all such great treat of high-end lippes…. *drool* *drool* ………
    u bought this also from ur Bangkok visit?

    1. Yes, this is the boldest Orange in my kitty! *thankyou* *thankyou* I’m happy to hear it suits me!! *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

      Yes, GA is truly Ultimate Luxe! No, GA cosmetics wasnt present in Bangkok – atleast i didnt see it there, though their perfumes were there. I asked hubby to pick this for me from Hong Kong.

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