Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in 502 Art Deco Review

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in 502 Art Deco

I am back with one more shade from the Giorgio Armani Maestro family! I have earlier reviewed shade #401 Tibetan Orange and #504 Ecstasy. You already know that I am in love with these beauties which work well both on lips and cheeks. However, just because 1 or 2 shades in a line are fab, does not mean that all shades work equally beautifully. So lets find out if this shade lives up to the benchmark created by the previous 2 shades.

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in502 Art Deco

The Product Details (from the website):

Benefits:The first lip stain with a comfortable velvet texture and a radiant finish. Intense, seductive, illuminating color. Giorgio Armani introduces Lip Maestro: the next generation of lip color. Lips appear instantly plumped and radiant. The sensual, non-sticky texture offers hours of hydration.

Technology: Concentrated pigments permeate the gel formula, offering an incredible depth of color. No underlying white “base” means color stays true for a flawless, matte and glowing finish.

Shade Details: Intensify your color experience, available in a spectrum of twelve shades.
• 500 – blush
• 501 – casual pink
• 502 – artdeco
• 503 – red fushia
• 504 – ecstasy
• 300 – flesh
• 401 – tibetan orange
• 402 – chinese lacquer
• 400 – the red
• 200 – terra
• 201 – dark velvet
• 202 – dolci

GiorgioArmani Lip Maestro in 502 Art Deco

“With Lip Maestro, we wanted to create pure, vibrant colors that fit with every complexion. Outstanding, luxurious colors enhanced in a luminous matte formula.”
-Linda Cantello, Makeup Artist for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics

Price: US $32

Packaging: The lip stain comes packaged in a lip gloss kind of packaging with GA logo prominently displayed. The cap is red in colour, while the tube with the product is transparent. So its easy its to identify the colour from the tube.

The bottle comes packaged in the standard GA black outer box.

The applicator is a soft and bendy. Makes for easy and precise application of these really intense super pigmented shades.

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in 502Art Deco

My experience with Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in 502 Art Deco:

Color: The shade “Art Deco” is a berry hued magenta – quite deep and intense. Its bold and fairly dark shade, more appropriate for en evening out. The shade is not something I reach for too often unlike the previous 2 shades I reviewed. This one is not everyone’s cup of it. Having said that, when used as a blush, it gives the most beautiful hue. For a lighter touch, you can also dab it lightly with a finger – that will cut through the intensity of the shade.

Texture: The stain is lightweight – it’s a mix of gel and velvet. When applied it has a natural vibrancy (no shimmer or glossiness). In an hour, it settles to a matte finish. What I’ve noticed is that if you apply a light layer of the product, it dries out to a matte finish more quickly than if you plump up the colour on your lips. Though matte, the product does not dehydrate the lip. Rather it wears very comfortably without accentuating the lines. The only issue I face with it is the powdery transference of the product.

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in 502 ArtDeco

The product is easy to apply form the applicator. It goes on smooth and evenly – no patchiness whatsoever.

Pigmentation: Pigmentation is INSANE– 1 light swipe deposits 100% colour. You actually need very little product for full, even application. The colour is opaque in the first swipe itself and hides all lip pigmentation.

Lasting power: The product lasted about 7-7.5 hours on me – fairly long-lasting. Even after the 7 hours, it still leaves a stain. It will not come off fully on its own – you will need to use a makeup remover for this.

To sum this up for you:

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in 502 Art Deco

Pros of Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in 502 Art Deco:

• A bold and beautiful color – you need loads of confidence to carry this one!
• Lightweight texture – mix of gel and velvety feel.
• Excellent pigmentation – Opaque in a single swipe.
• Hydrating despite being matte!
• Easy to apply with the applicator
• It applies smoothly and evenly – no tug or pull!
• Does not settle into the fine lines of the lips
• Lasts for about 7-7.5 hours
• No feathering or bleeding
• Iconic Luxe packaging
• Easy to identify colour from the tube itself
• Multi-purpose – can be used as a cheek stain/blush as well

Giorgio ArmaniLip Maestro in 502 Art Deco

Cons of Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in 502 Art Deco:

• Not available in India
• Though easy to apply with the applicator – one has to be careful – the colour is extremely bold and mistakes will look garishly visible.
• Powdery transference
• The shade name is not mentioned on the product. So when you are buying a new shade, its difficult to remember whether you already have it, because you cannot see the shade name, only the number.

Giorgio Armani LipMaestro in 502 Art Deco

IMBB Rating: A 4.9/5 product (I deduct a little for the transference which can be a bit annoying)

In the FOTD pics, I have used it both as a lip and cheek product – though it is not advertised by the Company as a cheek stain. So, overall, the product lives up to the benchmarks set by the other 2 shades. Meaning, there is consistency within the product line This is always great because it allows you to pick any shade and know that it is great quality. There are a dozen or so colours to chose from. You are sure to find your shade.

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13 thoughts on “Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in 502 Art Deco Review

  1. Such a beautiful shade, though i need a lot of courage to pull it our, yet it is divine…KK you have tempted me enough to get these with the next pre-order opportunity 😀

  2. Beautiful fall shade! I think it looks great as a cheek color as you showed in your FOTD, even though it’s not advertised as a cheek stain. 🙂

    1. I understand Krithi – this one’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Like I said in the review, I too reach for it relatively less…

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