Giorgio Armani Rouge D’Armani Lasting Satin Lip Color – Pink 512

Giorgio Armani Rouge D’Armani Lasting Satin Lip Color- Pink 512

Hello girls,

I am back with another lipstick review, again one of my prized possessions. Once in a while every woman has the right to splurge and indulge in the luxurious array of products available in the cosmetic hub, even though our husbands might not agree. I still remember an incident while travelling in a flight, there was a couple sitting right behind me and I could literally hear what they were speaking, not eavesdropping ok. The wife had purchased a lipstick from the duty free and the husband was like shocked hearing the price, he was ranting , for such a small part of your body why did you have to spend such a lot of money and poor wife was explaining about the qualities of a high-end brand, which was of course falling on deaf ears. Any ways lets get back to our lipstick review, I usually don’t buy cosmetics on a weekly or monthly basis, but when I purchase, it is usually in a bulk. After getting hooked on to IMBB and exploring reviews of high-end brands, I really wanted to try some of them. Recently I got the opportunity to splurge in some good brands, so today I am here with another lipstick from the house of Giorgio Armani. It is from their Rouge D’Armani collection. I have already reviewed a shade from the Rouge Ecstasy range and now lets see whether this one has impressed me or not.


Giorgio Armani Rouge D’Armani Lasting Satin Lip Color- Pink 512


36.80$ for 4 gms (including taxes)

Product description:

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.Exceptional long-wear formula results in up to 8 hours of intense color. Experience comfort and shine, without fading and feathering. Soft texture leaves lips feeling continuously hydrated. Lipstick packaged in an elegant black lacquered case with an exclusive magnetic closure. Sealed with a click.
Redbook’s “MVP” 2010 Award Winner.


ingredients armani lipstick

My experience with Giorgio Armani Rouge D’Armani Lasting Satin Lip Color- Pink 512

Packaging– It comes in a usual black outer covering with silver printings, while the lipstick itself is housed in a luxurious elegant glossy black lacquered casing with a magnetic closure and a silver GA logo embossed in the middle portion. The lipstick also has the GA logo stamped on it. The shape of the casing is a bit unique from other lipsticks, a cylindrical shape, looks oval from top view, widens towards the base and is definitely a treat for your eyes.

Colour– By now you all probably know how much I love pink shades, this too is a medium pink shade with neutral undertones, I find it leaning more towards the warmer side, but also slightly cool in nature. It is a beautiful pink with a touch of mauve which is suitable for most of the skin tones and instantly brightens up your face.


Texture– It has a creamy-matte texture, it glides beautifully without any friction and does not highlight dry patches or settle into lip lines. It gives a smooth buttery feel to your lips and there is no need of a lip balm underneath, it gives ample moisturization and hydration. If u apply a lip balm, the lipstick will not give proper finish and colour pay-off.

Finish– It gives a velvety satin finish, so light- weight that you can layer it on your lips without thinking. There is enough creaminess in the lipstick to give a slight glaze and thus gives a dewy finish. There is no element of shimmer or gloss in this lipstick.

Pigmentation and Coverage– It is a highly pigmented shade and deposits 80% of the colour in a single swipe. It is a buildable colour which provides full opaque coverage to your lips. This one is definitely great for pigmented lips and it can be layered on your lips according to the intensity of your preference. It delivers the exact shade from the tube to your lips. I feel the darker shades in the range will have even more intense pigmentation.

Staying power- It has a very good staying power too, stays around 5 to 6 hours with snacks and drinking in between. It transfers moderately on cups and cutlery, but the pink stain never leaves your lips, it fades in an even manner without getting patchy or dry. Usually when lipstick leave my lips, the inner part will be left vacant and color will be concentrated on my outer lips, thank god that doesn’t happen here because of the stain. There was no feathering or bleeding of colour, it stayed put. At the end of the day I had to use a make-up remover to completely remove it from my lips.

Fragrance– There is absolutely no fragrance to this lipstick, usually there is some sort of benign scent in any lipsticks, but this one totally fragrance-free.

I am head over heels in love with the shade and the texture of the lipstick. In comparison to the Rouge Ecstasy collection, I love Rouge D’Armani more, texture-wise and in pigmentation. This shade can be worn with any outfits or make-up looks, your lips will never stand out, it will stay perfect.


Pros of Giorgio Armani Rouge D’Armani Lasting Satin Lip Color- Pink 512

  • The creamy- matte texture glides on smoothly without any tug or pull creating a soft fuller lips.
  • It gives a velvety satin finish to your lips with a dewy touch, a pure pleasure to indulge in.
  • It does not highlight dry patches or settle into lip lines, thus creating a smooth even look to your lips.
  • It provides enough moisturization to your lips and never make it dry throughout the wear.
  • It has very good pigmentation and gives a full opaque coverage to your lips. a boon to pigmented lips like mine.
  • It has a decent staying, around 5 to 6 hours and never leaves your lips bare, a pink stain always remain.
  • There is no feathering or bleeding, it does not budge once applied.
  • The beautiful luxe packing is a treat for the eyes and a delight to carry around.


Cons of Giorgio Armani Rouge D’Armani Lasting Satin Lip Color- Pink 512

Oh really I cant find any cons.

Giorgio Armani Rouge D'Armani Lasting Satin Lip Color- Pink 512 (3)

IMBB rating:

5/5. I would recommend this shade and range to all lovely women on this planet earth. It is a beautiful collection from Giorgio Armani and ladies do try at least one from the range, you will love it. There are numerous shade options in this range catering to each and everyone’s personal liking.

Would I repurchase Giorgio Armani Rouge D’Armani Lasting Satin Lip Color?

Yes, definitely I will purchase other shades from the range, when I can, not any time soon.

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23 thoughts on “Giorgio Armani Rouge D’Armani Lasting Satin Lip Color – Pink 512

  1. Again a 10/10 shade. i like your choice Jotsna, like you have crystal clear image which shade to choose to make it a winner! and you work hard for the swatches, i always want the same but at time other responsibilities keep me over occupied…well great review and i wonder how lovely stuff you own mashaAllah *clap*

  2. Jotsna, you like such shades nah 🙂 U reviewed a color like this one recently too 😀 love the color *clap* lovely lip swatch 🙂

      1. *thankyou* Princy, I love pinks, u can see different variations of pinks in my stash, but all shades are different.

  3. Love this pink on ur lips *clap* *clap* I too like nude shades with hints of some pink or peach..otherwise they look too bland *ghost*

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